Spring Break  

ijuswannachat 30F
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3/18/2006 7:23 pm
Spring Break

I hadn't had sex in a while, you know? Masturbating to porn isnt always the best option, especially for me. I love sex.
Spring Break was wicked... We went all around Florida. Got drunk at 3 different beaches, and I fucked. 5 times in 2 days. Not really as much as i would like, but again, I havent fucked in a while.
The kid was decent, brown skin, average height, normal college guy, nice thick dick. He hasnt been fucking for very long, so his dick would not exactly stay hard for more than 15 minutes. I hate the taste of latex, so I wasnt even gonna try to work my tongue to get it back up. Fuck that. Anyway... We got drunk Wednesday night over at UCF. Malibu Coconut is my shit. The whole night my friend S and I were telling him that he needed to lick my clit if he wanted to fuck, but he seemed hesitant. We all watched a movie, and then suddenly, I felt something nice hitting my back. You know that feeling you get, that rush, when you know you are not supposed to do something? I knew that there were 3 of us on that couch, and giving him a hand job may not be the right thing to do, but secretly, I loved it. So I did. We both got up and went to the extra bedroom. He started fingering me, not really my favorite (unless you know what you are doing)... but of course, you have to let them do what they want for a little while. So when he went to take off my shorts, I was like "You didnt seem to enthused to go down on me, and I already told you no, so please do not tease yourself"... He layed back down... boring...

2 minutes later he was taking off my shorts while kissing me.. my stomach.. my hips.. my clit.. he licked around for about 7-10 minutes... but he wasnt very good at it. Dont get me wrong, a little tongue action is always nice, but it gets to be a tease. So I moaned a little and told him to turn around. Man on top 69 is one of my favorites. Sadly, he didnt even know what to do with this either. "FUCK MY MOUTH DAMN IT! BURY YOUR FACE IN ME AND FUCK MY MOUTH"... Sorry folks, I was thinking that, but I didnt say it. He seemed to be scared. So about 20-30 minutes later, when he still wasnt interesting me, I pushed him off and requested to fuck. Normally, a guy can get the picture, but he seemed to be an idiot, so oh well. The sex was okay... 20 minutes before he got soft.... bleh...

The next morning we woke up in a drunken-almost-hangover stupor. His dick was hitting me in the back again. I started fingering myself, and he then decided that he was quite ready to fuck... This time was better. He almost made me come. He liked my flexability, as he kept pushing my legs back and hitting my g-spot (on accident, since I am assuming he didnt know what that was), and then doggie style came up. It felt nice, but ehhh... he began to get soft again. Supposedly he has only come once from sex... sad. About 20 minutes later he was ready again. And we went again... a little longer this time.
I am normally not one who enjoys the all day all night fuckfest, but I would have like it if he came at least once in his 15 minute fucks. I want to make sure he enjoyed himself. He seemed to be quite distracted. Nipples and ass and lips were all too much for him I guess.

We fucked once more the next morning, but I began to realize how ummmm... childish he was. I mean, really, I just wanted a real man to 'fuck me silly'. Still.. all in all, it was the fuck I needed after a long drought.


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