The Script of a Sensual Night  

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4/9/2006 6:48 am

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The Script of a Sensual Night

My idea of a sensuous night gave you a thirst you could not quench.
The idea of me in crotchless black nylons, a lace bra and stelletto's made you mad. As you drove to me, you envisioned me in a
candle lite room, a raging fire with Nat King Cole crooning in the back ground. Approaching the door, you read the note allowing to enter. The fragerance and music drew you to my room, where you found the door ajar. Peeking thru, you see me sprawled on my bed, hearing me speak softly to another. Watching me, slowly my hand begins to
feel my breast thru the lace, giving attention to my nipples. My legs fall apart revealing my silken almost a whisper, you hear
me say to another "Come join me, please". My wondering hand teasingly crept to my gem, feeling deep into the wetness...suddenly there
appears a beautiful female. Gracefully she kneels besides the bed and pulls me to her waiting lips. Hearing a noise outside my door, I caught a glimps of you in the shadows as you let your trousers fall to the floor...and there you were with your hand on your erect manhood awaiting your invitation to join us. "Not just yet" I thought to myself,"let me enjoy feeling this beautiful creature taste me".
You stood where you were, stroking to every lick I felt it...I could see it in your eyes...the pleasure..the desire...the want. Softly, I
directed the female to go to the door and invite in the handsome man that awaits the nights pleasures.

kyplowboy22 63M

4/11/2006 7:49 am

Well done. Looking forwaed to more. Later


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