The Fruits of Passion  

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The Fruits of Passion

“Do you trust me?”

Tatiana looked at her boyfriend, Darin and asked again, “Do you trust me?”

He looked at her for a full millisecond and said “Of course, sweetie. Why else would I let you know where I stay?”

She swatted at him with one of the pillows from the couch and giggled.

“You nut, I’m being serious. I want to try something, but it will only work if you trust me completely.”

Darin studied her face and said, “I trust you, Ty. What is it that you want to try?”

“It’s a surprise. Just wait until Friday night.”

Darin could hardly drive the ten miles to Tatiana’s house that Friday night. He had racked his brain all day trying to figure out what she could have planned. She had called him before he left work and gave him some instructions.

“Darlin', please make sure that your head and face is freshly shaved. I know that you normally do it on Saturday mornings, but could you make an exception for me this once? Also, don’t eat or drink anything before you come. I’ll see you at eight.”

What in the world was that all about? He pulled up to her house and he didn’t see anything unusual out there. When she greeted him at the door, all she had on was a black kimono. Her medium length locks were twisted up and held in place with black chopsticks. She pulled him into her arms and she had on a new scent. Was it jasmine?

“Hi Darlin'. I have a wonderful evening planned for us”, she said. “ I want you to go into the guest bedroom and take off your clothes. Put on the robe that is there and come back in here.”

With that, she walked into the kitchen. Darin complied with her wishes since he was so anxious to see what she planned.

When he walked into the living room, she was carrying a tray covered with a white towel.

“Sit on the couch. I will come for you in a minute.”

Tatiana walked into her bedroom and shut the door before he could see anything. She quickly returned and placed a blindfold on his eyes.

“Trust me.” was all she said as she led him into the bedroom.

When he crossed the threshold, he could hear some sort of exotic music. He could pick up faint sounds of a guitar and some sort of wind instrument… was it flute? He knew that there were candles burning and they all had a different scent, but they somehow fit. He could make out the lavender and chamomile but there was a stronger one there. It was a sort of musky scent. She guided him to a table and disrobed him.

“Climb onto the table and lay on your stomach.”

He did as he was instructed. She covered his butt with a soft fluffy towel. It felt as if she had just pulled it from the dryer. He heard her pull something closer to the table and she turned the music up only slightly.

“Relax your body”, she said softly.

No sooner than she said that, she started to massage his shoulders. Darin let out a loud sigh of contentment as her hands kneaded his hard muscles. Again, his sense of smell picked up the faint traces of peppermint and cinnamon and sage. The oil was warm to the touch and it felt so good on his skin. Once she worked her way down to his lower back, he was already totally relaxed. Ty moved over his body making sure to rub and caress every inch of him. The only sounds in the room were that of the CD playing and Darin’s moans.

“Turn over.”

Darin slowly flipped his body over on the table. She had to help him since he didn’t know where the edge was. As soon as he was flat on his back, she started that slow stroking again. This time she started at his toes and worked her way up. When she finally got to his head, he picked up yet some more new scents. They all had a hypnotic effect on him. She finished her massage and covered him with another warm towel.

“I’m going to leave you for just a moment. Just lie here and relax. Please do not remove your blindfold.”

Darin was having too good of a time to ruin it so he did as she asked.

Tatiana returned to the room and ushered him onto the bed. He could feel the softness of her goose-down comforter beneath him.

“Would you care for something to drink?” she asked.

“Yes, please.”

“Here, take this.”

The drink was some sort of fruit juice. It was a long way from any fruit juice he’d ever tasted though.

“What is this? It’s very good”, he commented.

“It’s a combination of the fruits you’ll be eating, sweetie. Now are you hungry?”

Again, he answered in the positive.

“I want you to guess what it is that I am feeding you. I promise you that nothing is out of the ordinary. It is all things that I would eat myself.”

She started off with some basic fruits such as grapes, apples, strawberries and different melons. Next came some cheeses and chocolates. After every third treat, she cleansed his palate with some lime sherbet.

“Now, let’s see how discerning your taste buds are.”

She pressed a piece of fruit between his lips and he took it into his mouth. It has a sweet taste to it with a bit of bite. It wasn’t a peach or nectarine.

“What is it, Ty?” he quizzed.

“This is a mango. It’s very messy to eat because it’s so juicy. But it worth every bit of it!”

She fed him more fruit, each one getting more exotic. There were the star fruit, papaya, guava, passion fruit, and persimmons. His taste buds and smells were delighted thoroughly.

“I’ll be right back”, she announced.

No more than a minute later, he felt soft feathery kisses dance on the top of his head. They then started to rain down onto his face and eyes.

‘Now we getting to the good part!' Darin thought. We’re finally about to get down and dirty!’

Tatiana continued with her kisses. She gently nibbled and sucked on his fingertips, the inside of his elbow, his stomach, and his toes. All of the most unconventional places, she covered with kisses and gentle nibbles. By the time she finished, Darin was achingly hard! Without warning, she tied his hands to her headboard with silk scarves.

“Trust me” was all she said.

He let down his guard and let this woman have her way with him. He felt her press her body against his and he nearly lost it. Just the warmth of her made him almost climax. She continued to slide her body against his and arouse him to the point of insanity. Tatiana started to kiss him deeply but she never allowed him to enter her body.

“Ty…” he moaned. “Please let me inside of you. Please baby. I’m hurting…”

“Darin, just move your body for me. You won’t hurt for long baby.”

He started to move his body as though he was deep inside her honeyed center. She sat up on him as if she was riding him.

“Imagine that you are deep inside me. Can you feel my walls tighten around you?”

All she got from him was a satisfied moan.

“Can you feel me slowly sliding up and down on you? Can you feel me just riding the very tip of you? Can you feel me baby?”

“Ty… baby… you feel so good. Ride daddy…” he whispered.

She continued her sensual movements and said, “Can you feel me slam my body down on you… taking you deeper… deeper… can you daddy? Can you feel my orgasm about to take over my body? Do you feel me clamping tighter and tighter around you? Can you feel me milking you, daddy?” Tatiana’s voice was getting breathier with each downward stroke.

Darin’s rhythms were out of sync as he neared his impending orgasm.

“Tatiana… oh baby… ba…”

At the same time, both of their bodies exploded!

She whispered to him, “Yo lo amo.”

In response he whispered, “Je vous aime”

After their breathing became steady, Tatiana removed the blindfold and untied his arms. He immediately wrapped them around her and said, “I’ll trust you forever.”

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Nice piece, kid. Be back when I can. Later


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And "I trust you" is absolutely the most sensual thing anyone can say to another person.

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