Thrill Ride  

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2/21/2006 3:01 am

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Thrill Ride

We have a few amusement parks where I'm from. At one of those parks there's a ride where you get lifted up into the air. I don't know how high it is but I wouldn't be surprised if it's as high as 100 metres. When you get to the top you just hang there and, after what seems like a long amount of time,



Your'e falling....

And hopefully....

You get stopped by electromagnetic brakes before splattering.

Out the front of the line-up for this ride there's a sign that says it is a "high thrill" ride and it is unsuitable for people with heart problems or other medical conditions. That's understandable because this really is one of those rides that creates a clenched feeling in your chest. Not to mention quite a few stomach butterflies.


I was walking along a street in the city on my way to an appointment. In front of me were three young ladies walking in a row, although I'm not sure if they were together and, in retrospect, I believe two of them were together and the other was by herself.

They pass by a clothes shop and, all at once, do a little bit of "window-shopping" by checking out the shoes and dresses.

They like fashion I thought to myself as I walked behind them and picked up pace because I was on a deadline.

By the time I'd gotten to a set of lights they were behind me and the one who was alone came up behind me. We were unable to cross the intersection and had to wait for the "green man". I turned around slightly to take a look at her. Not staring. Just a peek.

Whether or not she picked up on this, I don't know but,while we were waiting to cross, she moved ahead of me and spun around to face me....


My intuition screamed..... Her eyes are on me. LOOK BACK. Initially, I was unable to summon the courage to make eye contact and when we did it was only for a split second but.....she was looking at me. An interruption breaks the confusion as it becomes time for us to cross the inersection.


As we crossed the intersection I had an intuitive feeling that she was slowing down as if providing me with the opportunity to say something, to break the ice with her, even in some small way. In my chest and stomach I felt the fear. Clenching me in a gridlock, blending my mind into a sensual serenity both confusing and thrilling.

I'm falling......

My chest and stomach suffer something of a sweet discomfort. But elsehere. Ohhh elsewhere. Those tingling and firming sensations. What a thrill ride

Say something to her, you gymp, anything. Even if it's just "Hi" I don't think I thought this at the time but I definately thought it afterwards.

And hopefully.... ????

Afterwards, I regretted that I might have given her the impression that I wasn't interested. Next time I ride, hopefully I'll turn off those electromagnetic brakes and let myself splatter

frangipanigal 46F
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2/21/2006 3:46 am

Nah, don't splatter....take the brakes and catch them JUST in time. Makes the ride all more exciting!!


rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/21/2006 3:47 am

Perhaps you could get a parachute ?

Purry {=}


MissKittyNip26 107F

2/21/2006 7:53 am

LOVED the analogy!!! I've also felt like this at times.. and have wondered if men I pass go through this as well. It makes me mad to think of all the missed opportunities.. because of each party not bein' bold enough to speak.. only constant looks and smiles.

I actually went out of my way driving the other day.. just hopin' the guy who kept lookin' at me would speak. We were in a traffic jam.. he was in a work truck (some big cement type thing).. he kept lookin' down at me.. he smiled.. he waved (he had his window down). I smiled back. He was cute.. and I really wanted to put my window down and talk to him, but for some reason.. I also choked!! I was just thinkin' that I wasn't gonna put my window down unless he motioned for me to, beeped, or hollered at then suddenly, my lane went up more.. so we were no longer next to each other! My turn was the next light.. but I actually went straight.. JUST HOPING he'd be able to catch back up. I went ahead 2 more lights before I determined he'd never get back up there.. so, screw it.. I turned and it was over! SIGH...

BTW.. the free fall rides at amusement parks are my FAVORITE rides!

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