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5/16/2006 7:24 am

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What is true happiness? does it exist, i for one know it does but it has been so long since i felt it.

I was asked this question last week by someone,

"when were you last truly happy?"

And i could not answer, it was not till i got home had a cup of tea and thought about it and realized it was 1998! 8 years since i was truly happy, happy with work, with the relationship i was in, were i was living everything was happy.

Since then there has always been something not right in one aspect of my life, and for the past 5 years it has been the fact that i have been single, am i one of these people destined to remain single and never fall in love again? Did i have my one and only chance with my ex? Do the Gods look down and say, you had your chance didn't work out, tough!!

I hope not.

Each day you see and read about people who seem to have it all, in loving relationships with children and great homelife, but for them that is not enough, and they then run the risk of ruining it all for the sake of what? A quick shag? An affair?...Why?

Some people just do not know how lucky they are.

At the same time i see and know men who treat there partners like dirt, they drink, take drugs, don't work, go out every night of the week, shag around and still think the world owes them a favor. And there partners put up with this...again why?

I don't want to come across as sounding bitter or jealous(al thou i proberly sound it)but why do these men get the women and i don't?

Is it because there are so many players on these sites(and i mean all dating sites)just looking for a shag that all genuine men, like me, looking for that special person, is tarred with the same brush?

All i want is that one more shot at true happiness, it's not asking a lot, but i might have missed it!

Yes i am old fashioned in certain respects in that i believe in manners, respect, politeness, romance, faithfulness and treating a woman right.

Has the world moved on so much they count for nothing now?....I hope not and that i am mistaken.

phoenix639 50F

5/16/2006 9:22 am

We wear the same shoes dont we Iggy.

phoenix639 50F

5/18/2006 11:11 pm

My soh has taken a nose dive this week.

I shall be back on form soon though. The gym is helping lots, although evry muscle in my body aches right now. Last day of the gym for the week & just a single workout today as im taking J to the cinema after school tonight rather than swimming.

The da vinci code awaits us.

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