England and the world cup.  

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6/4/2006 6:29 am

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England and the world cup.

Ok so we beat Jamaica 6-0, it was just what we needed to boost the teams confidence, but lets not get carried away like a lot of people and commentators seem to be.

Yes it was a good performance with Crouch and Owen working well together, but 2 of the goals were own goals, we missed a penalty, the second penalty miss in 2 matches now(when will we start practicing penalties), and it seemed for the first 40 minutes the Jamaican defense forgot they were meant to defend!!

Paraguay will be a whole different kettle of fish, and you can guarantee we will get kick from piller to post by them too.

At last we played 4-4-2, without doubt the best way for us to play, and not4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1.

The only way we can beat the Brazilians and the others is with a fluent flowing game.

I am a very proud and patriotic Englishman(I am English first, British second)and i want nothing more than for us to win the world cup.

Do i think we can win it?
Yes, without a doubt, as we have more world class players in our team than most of the other side do. Most teams only have 3 to 5 world class players.
We have:
Rooney(if fit)
When i say world class i mean players who could walk into any club or national side in the world and play.

I just hope Sven doesn't screw it up again by playing them out of position or in a formation they do not understand, let them play to there full potential in there best position and we will win it.

I would love to see England play with the mentality of the great sides such as the Brazilian side of the seventies, or clubs sides like the Liverpool of the 80's and the Man Utd of the 90's, where the attitude was, we don't care if you score a goal as we will score more.

We need to play an attacking style of football, total football that we are capable of, if we do that then Beckham will, without doubt, lift the most prized trophy in sport.


Geminiwednesday 69F

10/20/2006 11:31 am

No point commenting on this one on October the 20th,2006 --is there???---mind you------was there any point in any case months ago?????!!!!---LOL---!!---K xxxxx

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