Phil Lesh concert  

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7/14/2006 6:27 am
Phil Lesh concert

I went to the Phil Lesh concert on montage mtn the other evening. I found myself partying with a couple of girls in the mid 20's. a bunch of cute, hot bodies... we started tailgating..hiding the beer is a pain in the ass now.They were partying a little harder then me and with more "substances'. We went in together and went out to the lawn and put our blankets down next to each other. 2 of the girls stayed with the blankets and evryone else wandered. but the 2 that stayed were on either X or acid. One was small..short crew cut type hair...small tits, no bra spaghetti t and shorts. the other was average height with a nice body, a little on the chunky side, but cute...nice firm big tits. They were having a hell of a time and we were chatting up a storm. They both showed me the small tats they had on their breasts. discreetly flashing me. as it got darker and the crowd stood. the small titted girl started groping my as as she danced behind me. I started dance with her..and touching her back. before the show was reallying going we were kissing and feeling each other. I talked her into leaving and we walked to the car..she was stroking my cock all the way down the mountain and i took her to the econoldge. As soon as we got in the room she went to her kness and sucked me off( great too!) she kiised me with her mouth loaded with my cum and then let it dribble down her face and chin.She went crazy when i ate her. i don't think she ever had been with a man good at oral before.I have never been with a small breasted woman before and she loved me sucking her tiny tits. i fucked her several times 3 I think. she sucked me fucked me and just before we left I jerked off and her tits. i drove her to kingston and she picked up her car at a friends house.we going to meet tonight in scranton..Mugs and then hit the econlodge again....can't wait. she's so young and hot..I'm so old and soft...LOL

Greekgirl4u06 40F

7/14/2006 1:36 pm

older men are great, for the reason you wrote...(She went crazy when i ate her. i don't think she ever had been with a man good at oral before.) a lot of older men take their time and are in tune to what a womans body needs......enjoy......

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