hear my voice introduction!  

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9/8/2006 1:42 pm

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hear my voice introduction!

I've mentioned once or twice how it can be a little overwhelming how many features there are available on this site. Blogs in particular I feel are important because it implies this sense of community. Too many people think of sex as something isolated between two people, but really we're all a part of a much greater sexual community that blogs could, potentially, open our eyes to and facilitate our participation in. And I don't just mean that in the raunchy buck wild and naked way, but in terms of communication, undertanding and compassion as well.

But obviously I'm all about the blogs. What is new for me, as of now, is my first voice introduction! If anyone has a listen let me know what you think. Just what should one say in a voice introduction anyway? I doubt any utility will come of it. No matter how great the tools, they're only when being used. As rarely as most people even bother to read entire profiles, will an extra feature like a voice intro make much of a difference? Time will tell.

In other news: I burned the family jewels at the nude beach yesterday. Amazing how quickly the unsunned parts of your body get toasted. Lesson learned.

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