a rocky moment  

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8/10/2006 4:16 pm

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a rocky moment

I was born a runner. Physically I've got a tall, sinewy build, and spiritually I enjoy the time apart to think and decompress. Growing up in the country most of my runs would be spent alone with a blank infinitude of empty road. My only audience the occasional cow, bird or barking ranch dog. But city running is a different story.

I've already mentioned the thrill I get whenever someone honks at me, driving by, but something entirely new has happened these past two days. Something entirely asexual, to be clear. As I reached my turn-around point yesterday I noticed a little boy standing on the sidewalk staring at me run towards him. Just as I was running by his position, he started to sprint behind me, clearly wanting to race. He followed me for about a block before giving up, it was enirely too cute. I wondered at the time if this might become a ritual for him as I tend to run at around the same time everyday.

On my run today I noticed there was not one kid outside the house I'd run by yesterday, but two. And this time they were prepared. One had a RAZOR scooter, the other a BMX bike. After my turn-around point I could tell they were poised to race. They were both lined up on the sidewalk and watching me eagerly. As I got closer the younger and smaller of the two (on the scooter) yelled "let's race!"

As I ran parallel to them they both took off, quickly taking positions behind me. Again they followed for about a block before giving up, panting. But I couldn't help think of that scene from Rocky when he's training for his big fight and each day more and more kids from the street start running after him, trying to keep up. It's all too charming that it seems to be happening to me. Think there'll be three or four tomorrow?

Now I just need some good stairs, a somewhat ugly girlfriend and a racquetball.

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