Sex and the single man  

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2/23/2006 7:06 pm

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Sex and the single man

Blah, a rather short lived conversation that turned out to be. So anyways, where was I? Eh, doesn't matter, there's plenty of material for me to cover on a myriad of topics. Given the nature of this site perhaps a good topic would be on eof my favorite interests (which I sadly don't seem to participate in near as often as I would like): sex.

In some ways, I was somewhat an early acheiver in this regard. When I was 14 I actually made out with and performed oral sex on (something I much enjoy and have been told I am rather quite good at) the girl next door. Of course that was to be my first and only experience for a long time to come, as I soon after I entered what you could call the "dark years" - a roughly 8 year period I went through a number of issues and was more or less antisocial in the extreme.

By the time I started dating, and soon after marrying my exwife, whom I had known on and off since early HS (and yes she knew the girl next door, and quite probably knew what we'd done, and as she'd always been an aggressive one and had made a number of advances on me even back then - advances I reject for a number of complicated reasons despite a strong interest on my part as well) I was still a virgin, even opting to wait til we finally got married (I'd decided once we chose to tie the knot if we'd waited 12 years a few more weeks wasn't going to kill me - or her lol). Unfortunately, for a lot of complicated reasons, we only ended up staying married for six months, and with the marrriage went out friendship as well - we haven't spoken to each other once - mostly by her choice (although it's doubtful she'd even know how to find me now even if she wanted to) in the 9 1/2 years since we signed the divorce papers.

Over the next four years I went on a few dates (and by a few I mean few, like maybe three or four) none of which resulted in anything - although a couple offers were made. I started talking to this one gal for a while though, we even hooked up one time for a make out session where I did the whole oral sex thing (like I said I like the muff-diving thing). In the end I chose to reject a potential progression of the relationship as I knew she was married. While I'm not adverse to the idea of an open relationship under the right conditions, it seemed doubtful to me her husband was aware of her activities which made the situation unpalatable. If all the participants aren't aware and consenting (even if they aren't actually "participating" per se) then that makes thing too dishonest a situation for me.

About a year after that I hooked up with this hot dame for a couple of months. We got along pretty well but we just didn't seem to work very well as a couple, so we ended up breaking up. However we're still pretty good friends and talk from time to time (as regularly as I talk to just about anyone these days). The funny thing about that was a lot of people who knew the both of us didn't know we'd even dated until after we'd broken up, just as it would complete shock people to even suspect the married person I almost had an affair with.

I had a few more dates over the next several years, but again nothing that went anywhere - in large part due to a complex work schedule and then my move to Tenn. Things changed in that department last year when I hooked up with my last girlfriend. The fact she was only 21, nearly 14 years younger than me seemed odd to me at first. But she didn't have an issue with it, was in fact the aggressor (not really that strange since in some fashion all my exes have been more the aggressor) for the most part. Unfortunately she turned out to be a wholey dishonest person who I evetually discovered lied to me repeatedly, bot to mentioned cheated on me, and furthermore blatantly lied to the person she cheated on me with (someone who'd been a better freind to her for far longer than I had and deserved to be lied to even less than I did) about me in my very presence. Needless to say that friendship, much less a deeper relationship, died an instant and rapid death.

So here I am, once again single since July with not a lot of promising prospects at the momement, but I'm not all that concerned. Things happen when they happen, and if there's one things I've certainly learned over the years it is a certain measure of patients. I'm certainly not going to rush into anything serious anytime soon and keep thing mostly casual for the time being. Not to say I would accept something potentially serious is things work out right, but I'm not as dedicated to insisting such be the case as I was when I was younger. In some ways that rather the reverse of how most huys as, more desirous of settling down as they age, but then I was never, and will never be, what most would consider typical.

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