Anatomy of a scammer  

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2/4/2006 6:24 am

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Anatomy of a scammer

I recently got a "friends" request on another networking site I am on and I could only laugh. "Her" entire profile consisted almost entirely of how much money she was making taking surveys and how "she" wasn't even taking them herself, but getting her little brother to take them for $5 a piece when "she" was earning $45 a pop. Most of the comments from "her" "friends" were even mostly thanking her for turning her on to this lucrative money making venture. Obviously the word Scammer rang out immediately to mind and "she" didn't get an add.

It's like the emails I used to get from some of the other "dating" sites years ago like Yahoo personals or written by people who's syntax clearly told me they weren't native English speakers (or funnier still claimed to be foriegners - mostly Russian - and *trying* to sound foriegn) who were essentially trying to drum up business for some adult website or another.

The "best" reply I've yet gotten from this particular site was to an inquiry I'd made about someone looking for a no strings attached partner. Not "wanting to beat aroound the bush" with repeated email exchanges, "she" wanted to know if I was ready to exchange phone numbers and addresses.

Warning, Will Robinson, warning, warning.

Well, of courseeeeeeeee I'm just going to pop off my name, number and address to someone with a rather nebulous profile and one or two explicit photos, that I have no clue if they are even really female or not. Not hardly.

Basicaly my reply said if "she" didn't want to beat around the bush and all "she" could email me "her" number (without the parenthesis mind you), we could talk on a messnger with a webcam, or arrange to meet in a public place. Needless to say I got no further reply.

I did, however, make the mistake of giving out an email address of mine to someone from "Chattanooga" and now get emails every few days from one chick or another I "talked to" on "that one dating site" but now they have a new profile on this really cool site I should go check out..... UH, huh, righttttttttttttt.

First off, besides the obviousness these are solicitations, they suffer another serious problem... the fact I've yet to exchange more than a single set of emails/messages with more than a half dozen people in the past two months. So I haven't been "talking to" anyone LOL.

All these scammers and solicitors are almost enough to make a guy as cynical and jaded as most women I know online these days and reminds me of an experiement I conducted years ago.

The first few years I was online I spent many hours participating in several of the local chat rooms when I still lived in Chicago. I've easily met well over 500 people live and in person at various parties, picnics, band shows and various other social gatherings over the years.

One day I got in a dispute with this guy I knew casually who was upset about being dissed by a couple ladies. I responded if some guys would stop harrassing the ladies so much most of them might have better dispositions to the rest of our gender. He stated the beleif that the ladies claims to harrassment were nothing more than overexaggerations on their part. So I said I'd prove it to him they weren't.

I went and made me seven "male" screen names - three single, three married, one gay - all with generic profiles, and then made seven "female" screen names - three single, three married, one lesbian - again all with generic profiles. I'd then come into the chat rooms at various times with various names and just sit there, not talk or anything, and just see what happpened.

The "males", regardless of marital status, would get about 4-6 IMs over the course of an hour. The gay guy would get 1-2 an hour. Since I wasn't chatting in the chat room, or not getting a lot of IMs, I'd be off doing other stuff during that hour, and then I'd leave the room with that particular name.

The "females", on the other hand, were an entirely different matter. Regardless of marital status, most would have something like 15 IMs inside of five minutes. After 15 minutes I'd normally have so many IMs I couldn't keep track of them all, much less still observe the room even if I wanted to. Even the "lesbian" would get about 8-10 IMs an hour, mostly from guys hoping to "convert her back".

Several trends also became obvious: 1) Most guys who were messaging the "women" weren't even in the rooms, but were "trolling" the room list from outside it. 2) Some guys managed to IM every single "female" name they came across. 3) A lot of guys were copying and pasting the same "lines" in most of their IMs. 4) Of all the IMs the "women" received, only two were from room "regulars" (people who actually participated in the room conversations, much less attended any of the social gatherings).

The best IM I got during my experiment was some dude who didn't even say hello, hi, or any sort of introduction. His massage began abruptly with an invitation to come over to his place so he could perform oral sex on me. The IM just as abruptly ended when I inquired if the offer still stood if I was a 6'2 guy instead of a 5'6 chick ROFL.

So one part of the male population is busy hitting up/harassing/soliciting a large majority of the "real" women, while another part of the male polulation (and maybe a fair amount of the female population to boot) are busy "posing" as women to solicit other guys with offers of adult content. Such is the online world these days.

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