On Behalf of My Gender  

icecubesam 64M
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8/5/2006 4:49 pm
On Behalf of My Gender

From time to time, I offer a blanket apology to all the ladies in the Ontario room, on behalf of my gender. For those who asked why, read on:
There seems to be a large number of guys out here who seem to think that this is some kind of all-you-can-eat, service on request, sexual supermarket. At the same time, I've given up counting the number of idiots who seem to think that all women with webcams will willingly lose the lingerie just because some guy asks them to.

Wrong again. Would you walk up to a woman on the street and her to show her boobs? Or spread 'em? Or do things I always thought were anatomically impossible?

I didn't think so. Then, why do it here? Think before you type: it might be the best thing you ever do here.

"Those who want respect, give respect" (Tony Soprano)

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