lifeguard fantasy  

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5/24/2006 8:33 am

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lifeguard fantasy

i work as a lifeguard during the summer and there is a older women who frequents the pool. she is a goregous older women.

so it would start sitting in my chair she walks in and surprises me.
she says "hi ken...ohh it looks like your geting burnt"
i say "yea ive been sitting here awhile"

she says " here ill take care of that"
she drops her bad and bends over. shes rumiging threw her bag. her head is basicly in my lap when she pops up with a bottle of lotion. she starts rubbing it on my shoulders down my cest. she tell me to stand up and she gets me back. when she reaches my abs i can feal her getting close and taking alittle extra time. i can feal myself getting really turned on as she smiles and tells me there you go.
threw the day i keep glancing over thinking about the what happened before. she keeps catching me staring and i can swear she moves to give me a peak of her bear breast. we keep flirting from across the pool winking and smiling at eah other.
its getting late in the day. everyones gone but her so i decide to take a swim. i swim a few laps and rest on the side of the pool. sudenly i feal two hand wrap around my waist and slide up my stomach. i hear her whisper in my ear ive been thinking about theese all day. her hands keep moving up and down from my chest to my stomch when i feal her slide my trunks down and grab my fully erect cock. she...

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11/17/2006 7:46 am

So, you guys did it?

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