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1/20/2006 7:15 am

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one more fantasy

Well guys, here I am. All alone, horny as heck and no one to play with. Doesn’t that suck? Mind you, I’ve gotten a couple of very interesting replies to my ad so hopefully things will work out and I’ll have someone to play with soon. I just want to make sure I find the right guy. Meanwhile life goes on…day to day stuff is pretty mundane right now, nothing exciting. Just trying to get by.

Thought I’d post some of my fantasies and stuff on my blog. Hopefully you will enjoy reading them.

Yeah, I have a date! We’re going out for dinner. I take a long shower, shave everywhere and dry myself off. Fix my hair and makeup. I put on my red bra and thongs, they make me feel so sexy. On with my black dress and shoes and I’m ready to go.
When I arrive at the restaurant he’s already there. He watches me and undresses me with his eyes as I walk up to the table. We kiss. He tastes good.

We order some whine and then chat a bit. I feel comfortable. The chat very soon comes to talk about sex. We talk about our preferences, stuff like that. Must be the wine, but I’m like telling him everything.
I can feel his hand touch my leg under the table. His hand slowly slides up the side of my inner thigh and up to my pussy. I move in closer. He teases me by stroking my pussy under the silky underwear. I’m getting so wet.

He gives me a little box and tells me to go to the ladies and open it. I do. Once in the ladies room I open the box. It’s a huge buttplug. I touch it. It’s black and feels almost like real skin. I’ve never had one of these inside me. I bend over a bit and try to get it in. It is big so I have to push hard to get it in. It fills me up completely. Funny feeling but it makes me horny at the same time.

I walk back to the table and sit down beside him. We kiss. The rest of the meal is kind of tense…we both know something is going to happen and we want it now.

We finish up our meal and start walking towards the elevator in the hotel. We’re alone in the elevator and he grabs my ass and squeezes it hard.
Once up at the room he leads me over to the bed. I sit down and he stands in front of me. He pulls my dress off.

I can see the bulge in his pants and I slowly take his big dick out. I move my hands up and down, squeezing him. He moans as I take his dick in my mouth and start to suck. I suck his dick, his balls and then his dick again. He shakes and pulls out and comes all over me.

He tells me to get on all fours. I do, my ass is pointing up as he puts a pillow underneath me. He starts licking my ass, down towards the buttplug. He gently turns it around and pushes it in a bit further. I moan.

His fingers are opening up my pussy and he sticks them inside, finger fucking me. He takes out our toys. First the huge dong.
He covers it with lube and rams it up my pussy. I can feel it hit the bottom.
He twists it and fucks me with it for a couple of minutes.

Then he pulls out an electric bullet. He puts it in my pussy and turns it on. The vibrations go through my whole body. I am so ready to come but he tells me to hold off.

He pulls the buttplug out and puts two fingers in my open ass. He then takes out a long vibe and slowly pushes it up my ass. He fucks me with the vibe. I’ve never been fucked like this before but it feels so good.

I can’t hold it any longer. I come twice, shaking and moaning. He continues. I beg him to stop, it’s too much. But he doesn’t stop, not yet. He rolls me over on to my back. I still have the vibe in my ass. He starts licking and sucking my pussy. His tongue is everywhere.

He puts a couple of fingers in my pussy and pushes. Ever been fisted? he asks. When I say no he smiles and says’ he’ll be gentle. He pulls out the bullet.

Then he slowly finger fucks me, putting one more finger in at a time. I feel like my pussy and ass are ready to explode, I feel so full.
But it feels so good I can’t tell him to stop. He starts pushing his whole hand into mu pussy. I didn’t know it could stretch this much. It hurts when his whole hand is in. His fingers move around in there. He pushes harder and harder and I come again, this time hard.
I can feel my wetness spreading all over, running out on the bed. He pulls his hand out and licks my pussy again.

Once he is ready to go again he pushes his hard dick inside me and fuck me hard. He pulls my legs wide apart so that he can push all the way in. With every thrust I move backwards. Finally we both come again. This was once of the best times I’ve ever had….can’t wait to see him again

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