WHOLE........sanyaas and da da  

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WHOLE........sanyaas and da da

Whole: Everything, the whole existence it is infinite.

That: Is beyond,is invisible, the hidden,infinite.

This: Is witthin, the visible, the finite.

That is the whole of course, but this is also the whole.

That is the whole ,
This is the whole.
From wholeness emerges wholeness,wholeness coming from wholeness.
Wholeness still remains.

You cannot escape from life, where can you escape,everything is in the whole,but this is also in the whole.
Being with wife,children,husband,friends is as sacred as being in the himalayas, because they all belong to the same(WHOLE).
Everything is the same.

For example people say," This is wrong ,That is right,leave this for that.
If you have to attain to that you have to renounce this.
There is no difference at all , this is one reality.
Even at this moment your body and soul is not different,they are one.

Your body effects your conciousness and your conciousness effects your body.
Body is just the outermost part of your conciousness and the soul is the innermost,
but it is one spectrum.

What you present at the outermost is what the innermost.

* Don't sacrifice this for that,otherwise you will miss both,
Live in this and the miracle happens you may find that hidden behind this.

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