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1/31/2006 4:33 am

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It knows only one time that is now and only one place that is here.

Man has either lived in the past or in the future,but never in the present.

Present is the only reality , nothing else exists.
But mind has always either lived in the past,which is no more or in the future which is not yet.

Mind exists in the nonexistential stage, hence it never comes across reality.

There is no GOD other than life.If you think thereis then it is dangerous,because then you choose between life and god.
Which would be anti life or anti god.
In life you live for a specific and a small period of time,and god gives you the greed of being eternal for ever.

Be in the world but dont be off it, live in the world but don't let it live in you.

Existence never repeats itself, it only exists once.

To say the truth,to live the truth is my life.
If i can't say the truth if i can't live the truth then what am i living for.

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