Office Sex (1)  

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9/11/2006 2:34 pm
Office Sex (1)

Well I am a graduate student and I have an office at school and I have this fantasy about having sex in my office and if it's ever going to come true here is how I would do it.

I would walk in the office and lock the door then I will come from behind you and I gently caress you arm and touch your shoulder. You are tense but I can tell that you are very excited. My hand slowly moves over your breasts from the outside; you flinch, and then relax. The nipples are hard and pointy through your clothes. I move one hand to your thighs which you keep closed and the other hand I move it inside your shirt. My hand moves to your breasts and it slips under your bra. My hand gently rubs your nipple between my thumb and forefinger as you moan I remove your shirt and then your bra. Your breasts are nicer than I thought they are firm and round with pink nipples. I bend down and lick your breast all over. Then I take one nipple in my mouth and suck it slowly as I twirl my tongue around it and you shudder and moan again. You whisper to me "touch me down there, I am so wet". I move my hand down inside your pants. Yes, you are very warm and wet so I rubbed the outer lips as moan again. Oooooaahh.... your hips undulated a few times. So I lift you and move you onto the table. I pulled off her pants. They were totally wet at the crotch. Now, here it is ... your little jewel. I moved between your legs and gently spread your slim pussy lips, and I could see the inner ones which were quite swollen. I moved your lips open a little more. Your clit was visible! A small exited little button of lust!
I fingered your entire pussy area from and then moved one finger in...... Oh Yes! Oh please do it! You said. Your breathing had quickened by many degrees! I gently circled your clit with my thumb. You started rolling your hips and moaning, ohhh yes!! Hmmm!! Aaahhh! Rub my clit, oh yes! --- You said. I was now finger fucking you with two fingers and rubbing your clit. Your cunt muscles contracted around my fingers every now and then. I moved my hand faster...... ooooHHHH; you came.... jerked hard once and then shuddered and clamped your thighs around my arm.
Only then we kissed.... a slow languorous kiss which turned hotter and hotter. I moved my tongue in your mouth and then sucked your bottom lip. You held me real tight and said that I kissed very well. My pleasure!! You impatiently took out my cock from my pants holding it in both hands and slowly rubbing it. I was tingling all over and felt that I would come. You sensed that and moved your mouth to my dick. You first sucked in the head and then released it with a sucking noise. Then moved my dick into your mouth, you took about half of it. You were sucking it and tickling the head with her tongue. I started pushing a little. You choked and then held me at bay with a hand on my balls. You started sucking hard and tickling my balls too; I couldn't hold it so I shoot my cum in your mouth!
We embraced and lay down on the table. I was feeling relaxed but horny and kept fingering your pussy every now and then. Finally, I couldn’t help it. I had to eat you. I moved down between your legs and started planting wet open kisses on your entire swollen mound. Now my tongue was licking your entire pussy, inner lips, outer kips and ....then I shoved it in. you moaned deep in you throat and clutched my head in your hands to force me in further. I was licking the inside of you pussy and you were going mad. Then I moved to lick your clit. The first lick and you actually moved away... it was too intense for you. I pulled you back and started gently sucking on your clit and moved a finger in your pussy.
Ooohhhh god!! It’s too good, oh yes, aaahhhhh you screamed. You were jerking around and pumping your hips, your hands were clenched and then came... when I shoved my dick in your pussy it was hot!!! You kept moaning and urging me to fuck you harder. Now, I was really in overdrive and fucking you like mad. The table was wet from overflowed juices. I held your bums in my hands and lifted you slightly; it moved in deeper and you screamed with passion. So, do u like it? You were too gone to answer, but you nodded and held my bums and pushed me in harder. Your asshole was all wet with juices and too tempting too resist. I moved a finger in it. It was real tight and you were moaning so loud. I couldn’t resist so I quickly moved my cock out of your pussy and pressed it into your asshole! Your eyes opened wide in surprise it was so quick and the ass so drenched with pussy juice that you had nom tie to react! It slipped in at first it was hurting but then you began to love it and started moaning afresh and jerking up and down. I moved my finger s in your pussy and started tickling your clit too. You screamed saying I am Cumming as I kept fucking your tight ass until I filled it up with cum and started to come out of you.

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