you should know me by now  

i_fuck_dirty 34F
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1/25/2006 11:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

you should know me by now

you know who you are.... and you should know be by now.

if you talk to someone nearly everyday, on a minimally regular basis, it gets to a point where you should know how that person carries a conversation.

and so, why, after 6 months, are you still surprised that i ask a seemingly irrelevant question? i have been asking seemingly irrelevant questions for the last 6 months. just because they seem irrelevant does not mean that they are totally, you know. there was a point to the question, whether the point is immediately obvious to you or not. my point would have been clear when i responded with my thoughts, but you did not let me get to that. i mean, its not like my question changed the topic of conversation. i wanted to continue talking about what we were talking about, but it cant all always be totally and clearly relevant.

but then, if i dont ask questions at all, you think that i am not there or paying attention. so, what are the rules, pray tell, of asking questions?

snappers1963 55M
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2/20/2006 7:37 pm

yea me to sowhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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