hello all  

i_eat_pussy84 38M
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6/26/2006 2:34 pm
hello all

yes everyone, its me and as of last week i started to explore a real real world of sex and its accidents in all its aspects. jus like everyone else it has its ups and downs. butsometimes i think im a lil special and not in the retarded way lol lol.....i look at woman and there surroundings tryin to see who i can and cant approach watchin their moven=ments to figure out their moods, so i can make a move...and thats makes me feel like im hunting.....which is bad i dont to hunt or maybe i do im not sure now, but i enjoy all things about women, mind and body, i want to be teased and pleased as much as i want to have a heart to heart talk bout whatever u or i feel. i truly believe that a woman's mind is key to havin naything healthy with her.....sex, marriage or jus a day on the beach. its that connection where u kno what to do or not to do, u een feel a certain comfortablity, your guard is completely down and u can let the man or woman in so they can explore you. but i gotta go now, the gym calls, i hope someone reads this and please tell me if am right or wrong for such a young guy like me maybe even leave your email address(ladies)......im lookin to get to kno ppl on this site as well as get a good grind, and some to teach me a few things...

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