i_eat_pussy84 38M
15 posts
7/14/2006 10:05 am

i cant take this anymore, yesturday i was fine but today i woke yurning for some pussy, to taste that sweet nectar in my mouth, licking it all over as it drips all over me. I gotta get me some tonite, but still despite how i feel, and all my raging emotions, im still being picky about who i wanna grind, i dont kno what to say about myself, i kno right now there are two gals i wanna suck and fuck...(not in that fashion per say, but i do wanna have sex with them while making it enjoyable for both of us)... and for all that is great in this world i cant get them where i want them to work this out. but as it stands my cock has felt a wet pussy in bout four months i think. i really gotta do something bout this streak im havin and fast

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