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8/20/2006 2:54 pm

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since ive posted last ive been doin alot of thinking . and i ive come to a very suicidal soltuion.......dont worry bout sex. when ever i do i overly horny and jus flip right out, until i meet someone i feel thats worth my while im off sex. i kno this sounds like a screwed plan cuz im on a site which has a whole lotta women that are naked....Awwwww lawd.....ok, but im doin my best not to let myself go. as it stands i being tempted but we will see how things go. no thats done with, my week has gone very well im actually feeling happy this week but ive had my down moments to. i went to the gym and got a real go workout, but while there i got stalked by this girl wo seems to want to say hi but seems to be to scared, and then theres this lady who competes and strongly comes up to me and askes where is it that u work, cuz she thinks my work shirt is interesting. she really seemed to wanna rip off all my clothes and take ( i was so scared in my life). i shoot pool this weekend to but didnt watch any movies yet. so im jus speculating whether or not im goin to do anything tonite. or maybe ill jus stay home.....Hmmmm interesting. september has come again and i have missed goin back to school. which is really annoying that everytime i go to save money for school something happens. i am now goin to make a change about myself and do whats best for me and not help other so much i dont get what i want. and wud u look at that am goin to be one year older in couple of months and i feel like i didnt accomplish anything for this year.....well ive gotten so lil done i dont feel like ive done anything. well time will tell maybe i actually will get off my ass and complete the things i need done, cuz ain no one ga do it but me.

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10/10/2006 10:10 am

hey, just keep your head up and remember what the Good Book say

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