How much do you 'Enjoy' sex??  

iFraggle2 39M
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6/16/2006 5:21 pm

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11/5/2006 2:34 pm

How much do you 'Enjoy' sex??

I've been thinking about how to word this so please bare with me.

We all enjoy having an orgasm; I mean cummon the energy releasing between your thighs is orgasmic (bad pun). But how many of us slow down and just enjoy the build-up of feelings and emotions. Think about it this way; if you break your leg or have surgery and are out of commission for a bit you start missing the simple things, walking, feeding yourself, wiping your butt (believe me it aint fun); and when you have the ability to do those things again you enjoy them that much more; you stop and enjoy the sensations. That was a long analogy but I think the same goes for many people who may not be as sexually active as others; when one does have sex, be it with your significant other, groups, or even swinging don't just pound away hard and fast (not a first at least) slow down and notice the sensations that you my have missed before; the touch of a hand or tongue on your skin; the warmness of a body snuggled up against you; and the most important is eye contact.

Anyway, just my thoughts on 'Enjoying' sex....

HoofsSlugsEmail 52F

7/2/2006 12:48 pm

Dear Fraggle,
I agree whole heartedly with your comments. The art of sex isn't just banging away - but involves many facets of human sensuality from the sense of smell, touch and mental stimulation even! A nite of sensual touching can be and has been just as fullfilling an experience than banging the nite away - if fact I would prefer an all nite session of heavy petting then a quick bang anyday!

Keep on musing fraggle!

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