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3/25/2006 9:36 am

We are an easy going and laid back couple that are looking to expand our sexual horizons and enjoy life and sex with a bi/bi-curious male. But the one thing that we seem to be running into are a bunch of fakes and liars. We find someone interesting and look at thier profiles and it states that they are look for couples(man and woman) and when you mention it, they only want to be with a woman. If you are not truthful on your profile, how in the world would you think that anyone will believe anything that you tell them. Honesty has to start start some where because without honesty, there is nothing. Also, it gets frustrating that alot of people don't post pics. If you're not comfortable with who you are or need to be so discreet that you can show some kind of pic, then maybe you don't need to be on sites such as this. And also, don't try talking to those of us who do post pics and ask for more if you don't intend on sharing any of your own. Something else that is really getting on our last nerve is the people on here that talk and talk and talk and when they final decide to set up a meeting, they are always a no-show. We are all adults here, if you don't want to meet up or most likely to chicken shit to even attempt to show up, just tell us. And then there are the guys that we have talked to that talk one way when the two of us are on-line but when the wife is on, the real person comes out of them and we find out that they are only wanting to hook-up with her and not both of us. Like I have said earlier, we are all adults here. The only thing that we are looking for is honesty and some thread of decent behavior. I guess the point that we are trying to make is just be honest, if you want to hook-up and meet, don't stand us up; if you're only interested in her and not him, just be honest about it, you won't get any further with us, but be honest; and last but not least, if you are wanting to see pics, don't ask for some if you don't intend to send us some also. We are confident in ourselves and in who we are to post our pics here. If someone we know sees them, oh well, we are adults and have the right to do what we want to do in our home as long as it is not destructive or hurtfull to others....If there are any truthful and honest males that would like to hook up with a truthful and honest couple, hit us up. Just make sure you are willing to give and receive pleasure to both of us, not just one.....And, if we hook up and you have a good time, great, let's do it again. If you didn't have a good time and don't want anything to do with us, just tell us. We would rather be told to fuck off that to be told that you enjoyed yourself and would like to hook up again and never hear from you again. We are all adults, we can handle. And to all, we are a very understanding couple and are looking for friends all the time, even just to hang out with and/or talk, it doesn't always have to lead to sex. We would love to find some friends and some friends with benefits. Well, thank you for reading our blog and we'll get back on and update this. And to all, good luck on your searches and hopefully we will all find what we are looking for.

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