Another early morning thought session!!!  

i8a4re777 45M/41F
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9/2/2006 3:58 am
Another early morning thought session!!!

Well, up late again and thinking about things...listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic and just enjoy his genius. Meet a few nice and interesting people since our last blog post, no real friendship kind of deal, just some really good sex. Maybe that's just what we need to set ourselves forth to thinking, one timers and just enjoy that. We would still like to find a "friends with benefits" kind of thing so that we could explore all the fun that can be had in a threesome but it still seems a concept that is unattainable. We'll check in about each week if we have anymore luck. Maybe we should start a blog about some of the encounters we have had to spice things up abit....we'll have to see about that. Until next blog entrance, good look on everyones searches and hope you find exactly what your looking for and have tons of fun looking.

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