A triple play  

hurricaneruss2 63M
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8/5/2006 9:16 pm
A triple play

Met this couple on line a few years ago and the wife was interested in a threesum and the husband liked watching his wife get off with other guys. We met first and decided after we meet if they liked what they saw and we hit if off we would try and hook up later. The first time we got together the guy was mostly interested in watching his wife with me. As we got to know one another better we had several good times together all three of us. He enjoyed watching his wife suck a large cock while he did her from behind. One of the times we got together I was down on his wife and before I knew it I could feel another mouth on my cock. Before I knew it both of them wanted to do me at the same time. I couldn't say no and it was wild to say the least. We enjoyed ourselves for several months afterwards but as always good things come to an end.

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