Holy Crap!  

hunybear1969 48F
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9/9/2006 7:20 am

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10/20/2006 3:42 pm

Holy Crap!

Are there any decent men on the maket these days? It seems like most of the guys contacting me here want to fuck and go away. PLEASE!!! I want a nice man who wants to really get to know a nice woman. I love sex as much as the next gal but that doesn't mean I'm hopping in the sack with everyone that passes through my town. I know I'm not the only one with this problem I've read other blogs saying almost the same thing. And don't think that after you get to know me, you're going to call me because you're horny. I'm too classy for booty calls!
Sheesh! This is sounding more like a bitch fest. Oh well...cest la vie!

Finally!! A man who can read!! A young gentleman on this site actually read my profile (several times he says) and even took the time to check out my blog before contacting me. Because he took the time and effort, he got the first date (and a couple other dates too!). And not once in the initial conversations did he mention my tits. Hey guys...take the hint...act like a gentleman and maybe you'll get more than just a quick courtesy reply.

rm_elover100 36M

9/16/2006 2:39 pm

There are plenty of guys out there. Who want more than just sex. Sometimes you just have to give people a chance. Im seperated as you already know. I was faithful throughout the entire relationship. I came home from work and all her things were gone and she moved in with another man. So its not just guys who do stupid things.
ps sorry i wrote you a book. But I dont want you to get the wrong impression that all guys are like that.

hunybear1969 48F

9/16/2006 7:15 pm

I don't believe all guys are like that. I said "most". I guess I just have to sort through the creeps before I find the good ones.

Absurdaholic 48M

9/23/2006 3:58 pm

I'm here and it's not like I'm Hitler or anything...

Seriously though, the vast majority of folks on this site are men that are fishing for imediate sex. It's a sad fact.

I myself am looking for a bit more, but I'm in marriage limbo (separted) and that seems to be a big turnoff. I get accused of being a cheater, or a liar, etc. when I try to contact women. It hurts, and it's frustrating.

On the other side of things I just got an email that read simply "Fuck tonight???" from a woman with an attractive photo. But I am NOT replying to it.

So you aren't alone with wanting more than just something physical or a one night stand.

Mind you, I don't judge those that are just interested in sex as doing anything wrong. As long as they're honest about their intentions, consenting adults should be able to have fun any way they choose. Sometimes I wish I could be more forward and spontanious like that.

I have to meet someone in person, and feel a sense of trust and chemistry before I'd feel comfortable for something physical.

Probably why I'm alone again tonight.

rm_elover100 36M

9/25/2006 7:29 am

I feel your pain brother

klovau 49F

9/25/2006 2:56 pm

Hey Hunybear,

I had to come check out your blog as I read your response to mine. When I first came on this sight I thought it was kinda funny when the guys, and girls for that matter, would just send the " let's fuck " e-mail but it wears on you after a while. I can honestly say that I have had the best of luck on this sight so I don't think we are trying to tag ALL men as harsh. But, the guys that we are speaking of are the ones you can tell from minute one that they have not read the profile or even have a clue as to who you are or what you are looking for. I can totally relate as I have not been on the sight in a couple weeks and I just deleted over a hundred e-mails that were not even worth the whole "quick response". Best of luck in your search as from what I hear about you, you are well worth the effort and sincerity!!

rm_gruvyregan 54F

10/1/2006 5:33 am

While I haven't been repulsed by some, most of the men who have replied to my posting need a remedial course in how to get a girl interested in them. I think if another guy sends a pathetically written, single-minded response accompanied by a pecker shot I'm gonna cry! Do they really think thats a turn-on??? It's like their pecker is all that and they're so freaking proud of it they can't help themselves. The LAST thing I want to see in a reply is their 'thing'. I feel like I'm they must be taking crazy pills!!!

SeoulLoserJones 49M

10/7/2006 7:02 am

What amazes me about the women on this site is,that they come here(to a sex site) and expect men to want to wine and dine them,and hear their whole life's sob story in an extremely boring first date conversation!! If you are looking for men who want a relationship,go to a funeral or church to find it....NOT A SEX SITE!!!

hunybear1969 48F

10/7/2006 7:17 am

This is for ambrosia4-2...I find your comment extremely rude. You seem to be the type of guy a few of us females are talking about. I AM here for sex but I'm not sleeping with everybody who has a dick pic! I need to be able to feel comfortable with a man before we can have sex. I'm not looking for my happily ever after. I'm not going to go to a funeral or church to find a relationship. All I'm asking for is a little time and effort to get to know me before you start getting your dick in the air. There are women here who are willing to have nsa sex. I'm not one of them.

SirMounts 103M

10/12/2006 11:31 pm

Why yes, a Man cannot go wrong, by being a gentleman. *smiling*

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