how does this sort of thing happen  

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2/1/2006 4:49 pm

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how does this sort of thing happen


always they were there. the scents. the soft bossoms. the kindness. the giving. the needing. the insanity. the passion. i have been effected my entire life. there has not been a woman that i havent loved, if even for an instant, if only in the smallest way.

pity, sorrow, lust
adoration, elation, love

all of these impressions have touched me.

i fall into thier eyes at gas stations. i daydream on thier lips in banks. i nest in thier cleavages at work. i feast on thier asses in skirts, slacks, jeans, jogging shorts. i breathe them in at the grocery, in book stores, in coffee houses.

i am delirious with coquitesh smiles. consumed by gazes. eyes that ask for approval. eyes that invite me to look at them fully. eyes that say yes. eyes that probe me. search my essence. eyes that rest on my lips. span the breadth of my shoulders. eyes that dart across my crotch and never rest.

i require notes of laughter to fall on my head like drops of rain. letters to break the postmans back. sex like thunder. touch like kisses. to be tossed about like a boat in the tempest of a woman. hunger before and after the feast. an erection before and after the fucking. to lick every plate. to suck the flesh from every bone.

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