Whispers of love: an appropriately romantic start for the blog  

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9/12/2006 11:57 am

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Whispers of love: an appropriately romantic start for the blog

This encapsulates my feelings/thoughts regarding love verses money...happiness verses provision...

and for the record...I never was made to feel very worthy by the ex no matter how hard I tried, it seemingly was never enough...and now in the divorce finality I am seeing her as more and more being about money and self fulfillment than anything as true or nobel as absolute and unconditional love for anyone but herself...I am saddened, but also know that today I have peace and fulfilment in a way I have not previously realized!

Someone on another site had asked a question that I was compelled to
answer. She was asking if you had found the perfect mate but he/she had
little money and was content in his/her life would you break it off.

This was truly a monetary based question and so lacking what love is all
about. I tried to reply for hours but in the end wrote a short story. My
story is to show the riches gained when money dose not hinder the hearts
true desires. Who can really put a dollar value on the Whispers from a
loving heart?

"Whispers of Love"

What riches on earth can satisfy ones true desires as a heart freely

I would rather be a poor man barley able to get by for the words
whispered in my ear at night "It will be ok my love, God will see us
through another day."

I worked hard but was able to provide little. What a blessing to
open the door and be greeted with a tender kiss and a whisper "I
missed you sweetheart I'm so glad you are home"

As time in this story goes on I would like you to imagine if you

I have a look of worry upon my face wondering how I will ever
provide? I gaze towards my loving wife six months pregnant. She
reaches for my trembling hand and places it upon her belly. Her
loving eyes gaze into my own as she whispers "I have never been
happier in my whole life"

One day as I enter the house I overhear my son (now 17) and my wife
talking about some people picking on him again at school. My son
with a smile says "Hi Dad hope work was not too bad today" He
departs for the living room. My mind instantly wanders to thoughts
of self worth. Reduced meals at school and worn out clothes. Am I
the reason for his suffers today? I turn away in shame unable to
look her in the eyes. She hugs me softly from behind. Feeling the
pounding in my heart and the trembling from inside... Softly she
whispers "Not all children are like our son. He has a good heart and
is not without friends. His friends are not the rude type but the
type that can see inside."

She takes me to the doorway where we can see my son and his
girlfriend sitting on the couch. She whispers to me again "Look at
your son and tell me he is not happy." As my eyes gaze upon them I
see his girlfriend whispering in his ear. Again my wife is right. He
has never looked so happy in all his life. Somehow I know just how
he is feeling inside. My wife whispers in my own "I love you!"

Weary and old suffering so much pain. I saw her today, just like I
do every day for over a month already. She whispers no more.
Shattered inside not knowing what I am going to do. Thinking back to
all the times it took but a whisper and everything was alright. My
tears falling like the rain. Unable to control the trembling from
inside for my strength was always held in her heart and her whispers
softly knowing.

I arrive home after placing the flowers on her grave. My son is on
the roof patching a leak I can not afford to have fixed. I enter the
kitchen to see my daughter in-law making Kool-Aid. She gives me a
tender hug and whispers "We Love you Dad". My son enters the kitchen
and asks if I am ok? He says he thinks he got the leak fixed and
then whispers "Someone wanted to tell you something. I think she is
watching TV."

As I walk into the living room my granddaughter jumps up and runs to
my arms. I pick her up as she explains that Mommy and Daddy said if
it is ok with me that I will be her new babysitter. She tells me she
would see me almost every day. Then she wraps her little arms around
my neck and whispers "I love you Grandpa"

Suddenly I realize my wife's whispers have never left. Her loving
tone from her heart can be found in all the lives she has touched.
As I turn back to the kitchen I see my son with a worried hurting
look on his face. His wife whispers in his ear and I silently nod
yes. All at once his face is that of the 17 year old boy sitting on
the couch again. It is then that I understood the wealth my wife had
seen in myself all those years.

My son's heart would always be worried and caring for those he
loves, but he will be just fine for he has a wife that knows how to


hungwhiteguy69 48M

9/12/2006 1:53 pm

Thanks Thalia...Obviously I am in a meloncholic mood and could really use one of those hugs for real...but the fact you were thoughtful enough to respond warms my heart.


Hydragenias 57F

9/12/2006 2:18 pm

What a FANTASTIC start to a GREAT BLOG! Congratulations!

Welcome to Blogaritaville!

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sweetslut71 46F

9/20/2006 8:32 pm

you rock who knew men could think like that. he he Interesting to say the least.

hungwhiteguy69 48M

9/21/2006 2:00 pm

There are those of us out here that while we still have the animalistic instinct and desire for great sex with a beautiful lady, we also want to know and experience something as noble and true and pure as love, real love! Thanks for your comment and perhaps one day I can thank you face to face!


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