Riding the wild hole  

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9/2/2006 8:31 pm
Riding the wild hole

We have all found that hole in life that thing that just can't get filled, but we try to fill it anyway. We stuff what ever we can find into it only to find it demanding more. We find bigger and wider things to ram into its depths only to have it demand even more. I Cr's to be filled to be works and needed and pumped and yes to even be worked like that of dough on a bakers table.

That is what I need as Easy Rider. I cry forth fell me pump me work me to your hearts desire and let me give you pleasure of the worm-th that is radiate to goo from the cumm that has been left behind in my deep recesses. Let me my self around your throbbing needs and force the sweet liquid from your depths into me .

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