what do I have to do?  

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1/25/2006 10:43 pm

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what do I have to do?

what do i have to do to get comments on these things? i must be doing something wrong.. Well lastnight was another wonderfull new experience.

He begins to fuck me with my vibrator seeing how deep he can get it, slipping a finger in every so often until there is three fingers and my vibrator inside. He then begins to move his fingers and dildo in and out fast and hard. I have an oragsim juicing all over his fingers and my vibrator. He then lays back and begins to lick my cum off his fingers and telling me how good I taste. We then begin to 69 with me on top he then grabs the vibrtor and starts fuck me hard with it in the cunt while he is licking and teasing my clit. I am sucking and humming viciously on his nice hard cock, he gets off in my mouth and I begin to swallow it all down and licking up the left overs and he is doing the same to me as I have also reached orgasim at the same time. We then lay back caressing each other and he asks if I think i could handle double pentration with him and my vibrator at the same time in my pussy. I tell him I am not sure but willing to atleast try. I get up on all four and he sticks his throbbing hard cock inside me wet pussy and the proceeds to slowly insert the vibrator. he begins to pound hard, fucking me from behind with both and all the sudden I am screaming and dont want it to stop. It feels so good that a just scream out "On my fucking god dont stop"!!! he is moaning for he is also getting off all over inside me. The orgasim from that penetration was so strong that I am so week I fall to my stomach and dont want to move.
If this is the kind of sex i keep getting i will surpass nympho and go to what ever is even worse. I crave him all day and nite now and it drives me crazy how fast my panties get wet when he calls me at work just to say Hi and see how i am doing. I almost cant make it through the rest of the work day.
Well once again, thanks for reading and remember comments are welcome..

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