I know it has been awhile!!!  

hungry4sex180 40M/37F
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2/19/2006 3:03 am

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6/6/2006 10:20 pm

I know it has been awhile!!!

Hell it has been awhile since I have written in here.. Tho I wish i could everyday if only I could come up with something.
Well it has been awhile and the sex is still completley hot in our bedroom. We now have a new bedroom set with a headboard that will allow us to use handcuffs. I cant wait. all that being tied up and teased and not being able to do anything about it.
We went to a dance club last nite were I got to shake loose and use my hips to tantalize. The one thing I noticed that so totaly turned me on is why is that the gay guys have the most amazing hips? My god I could sit there and watch them dance all nite it was such a turn on just imagining what they could do with those hips in bed.. Yes I realize they are gay men but still WOW!!! I give it to you guys your partners are extremely lucky (Hope you dont take offense) *HUGS* to all of you. I liked that club so much better then any I have been to. Everyone there is nice and entertaining and the music was awesome. I can't wait to go back we are actually thinking of buying a years membership.
The women there were hot they had me going last nite I wish we could find a female and fet the whole f/f/m thing going as a female lastnite I so wanted to do another female. I cant wait. I am all wet just thinking about it.
I just want to experience what it is like to be with another woman. I mean I have tried so many others I think this would be awesome. I mean I could ask a man what it is like but they wouldnt really know I mean there men. I am talking woman on woman.
Anyways at the club a ran into an old freind of mine I was so totaly happy to see him. I hope he calls so we can go hang out sometime soon. I miss him. We used to hangout like everyday back in Jr. High. So that made my nite.
Plus I got to see the AT guy yesterday at work so that was a total bonus to the day.
Tonite I got to sit and see something well i am still seeing it at this moment as I write that is really tempting and going to make it quite hard to sleep without a cold shower now or maybe just the vibrator instead it needs a little attention.. Oh and a quote for today that I heard and thought was a good one

The hardest things in life
are actually the easiest..
Think about it a minute and see if you catch my drift.. Well good nite all and I will write you all later.. Remember comments welcome.. And women I am still looking for my first female experience...

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

2/27/2006 7:31 pm

HI!!! I was waiting for you to come back, and then I had to take care of things and didn't back over here the night you posted...

Being with another woman is so rewarding. You feel like you are with someone that connects. Because women bond naturally, it makes it worth while feeling her touch, feeling her smooth hands run up and down your body.

So sorry, here I am talking to you like that....knowing you are hot and horny for a woman...


Always The Bitch

hungry4sex180 40M/37F
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2/28/2006 12:00 am

No prob on the not getting back to me.. I have also bee busy and know how it is.. I love the description tho it does make me want a women even more.. Well hope to hear from you soon..

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