Another assholes gets away with it...  

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6/20/2006 9:55 pm
Another assholes gets away with it...

Well another asshole is getting away with useing another family.. We never came up with the money.. So now Doug is going to walk free and know he got away with another scam.. The judge (which by the way i feel he know "PERSONALLY") is going to let it happen because she set a bond higher then what we even owed by twice the amount. So we dont know exactly what we are going to do yet. We are working on it tho.. The reason i say that Doug must PERSONALLY now the judge is cause of the ways that he disrespected her in the court room and got away with it.. He was totaly disrespectful and we were not the only ones mentioning this..

we looked at anther house tonite that is much nicer then this one to begin with. The owner to this other house we explained the whole problem and she totaly inderstands what we are going thry.. She says that she loves our honesty and that is what will win us the house over all.. She also promises to not be anythng like Doug. It is a beutiful home a little further off from things then i would like but I can give certain things up to make sure me and my family have a place to live. It is in a quiet neighborhood where everyones seems very nice. The backyard will be awesome for the kids. So maybe all that praying for help and moving is Gods way of saying here is your help. Tho it is weird the way god works sometimes. Maybe it was just never meant to be that we stay in this house. Hopefully!! I know i will keep on praying tho day and nite for protection and saftey for me and my family.

I dont think i will drop everything with Doug tho. I think that as long as i can fite I will. I think that he should not totaly get away with it all. I believe he should still have to be punished.. So me and my laywer are still going after him. Tho i will no longer be living in his house. I just dont want to see another family go thru what we have gone thru. I am also staying friends with the nieghbors ecxpecially the Tratears (tho i dont know if i spelt that rite). I am also going to give any new residents a note in the mail box with the owners name and number on it. That way they will have and early start when problems do arise. Atleast that much I can do.

My mother also took us all swimming tonite which is nice for a change to take my mind off of things for atleast a couple hours.. She is the dearest thing.. She is always trying to keep us all near her and happy. I could never ask for another mother.. I LOVE HER!!

Well I am off for now.. Hope you all are doing well..

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