The big question...(no not that one)  

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8/7/2006 9:24 am
The big question...(no not that one)

I was in chat earlier talking with some lovely women, when I was asked a common question. "Huggable...why are you still single?"

How does one answer that question?

I have been in relationships. Long term ones at that (the last one was almost four years)so it is not that I am unloveable or anything like that. I am

One of the major setbacks I have had is with my body. I am by no means grotesquely overweight, but from a medical standpoint, I am "obesse" (5'9" 205lbs) and unlike some friends of mine that I reconnected with at my 10 year high school reunion this weekend, I carry ALL of mine in my belly.

When people hear that, they automatically assume I dirnk a lot, but in actuality, I rarely have more than one or two drinks in a week.

Another factor is the "fur". I am well belssed with a winter coat. From my findings, a lot fo women find that totally undesireable. I have had women who have praised me up and down for my personality, frinedship, blah blah blah...but then suggest that if I were to get waxed, perhaps I would look better, be more desireable or whatever their hangup might be.

Oh, I'm balding on top ever so slowly as well...the hairy bald guy..what a catch LOL.

I try to be up front about that with people, some women greatly appreciate it, while others just stop communication. In my younger days I took the approach that I see many men take on here. I kept sending emails or messages until I pissed them off enough to put me in ignore. Now I just don't care. If they're they hung up on looks that they can't see past them then they're not right for me anyway.

In all honesty, I have had many many wonderful conversations with women on here, and invariably, after one or two fun filled emails I get the "Mike, you're so much fun, I hope we can meet sometime REALLY soon. Send me a pic" and when I do........nothing. They'll be online a few hours later with no response. I can handle the rejection piece to it, that's not a problem at all. What I really dislike is the shallowness that many women (and I'm sure men as well, but I have no experience with that) show on here.

Looks are temporary, I could (and sometimes do) shave my head bald, or will shave off my facial hair, or maybe I'll grow a full beard (just along the jawline). I may in some ways look totally different than the pic I have on here if/when you meet me. The point I am trying to make is that looks change. Personalities are forever. If you're speaking with a guy or a woman and her personality is top notch and you can tell that there's a real connection there....GO FOR IT. Who cares if they have a little more padding than you're used to, maybe their breasts aren't the double D's that you cling to oh so much....but maybe you'll learn to look past those things and truly appreciate the differences since you've already fallen for the personality, can it REALLY be all THAT hard?

Well, that's all for today. Enjoy yours my friends.


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