Something i have been wanting to do again.  

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4/13/2005 1:03 am

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Something i have been wanting to do again.

Here is a fantasy i acted out about a year and a half ago and recently remembered it now i want it again. I want to find a gymnist or any very athletic lady, because this fantasy takes some strength and bodily control. We were sitting on the couch watching something that we both werent really into. I had been taking quick glimpses of her and i can see she has been doing the same to me. So i take the bold move and start to caress her thigh. She is wearing a short sun dress that is very sheer, and some nice pointy white high heels. From the moment i touch her leg i can see her nipples have become extremely hard. Rubbing ever so gently on her nice soft dress, the look is even turning me on. I lean over to her, get in real close and pucker my lips but i am not yet going to kiss her instead i very gently blow on her neck and shoulders, a little on her ears. The arrousal has gotten to her, her head leans back and her neck enlongates even her legs spread slightly but dont come uncrossed. As i am still teasing her i feel her hand fall onto mine, her grip is very strong for some reason. I slowly removed my hand from hers and slide my other hand onto her thigh, the other hand offered a better angle for things to come. After switching hands i leaned into her once again this time for her sweet lips. We kissed and kissed i could tell she really wanted me but didnt want to say anything she knew i was in control. While i was kissing her my hand slid from her thigh to her panty covered pussy lips. My big hand easily covered her whole groin area, the heat was building quickly. So to work i went i took two fingers and gently at first swirled them in a circular motion over her clit. As i was doing this she began to arch her back and lick her lips, and she grabbed the top of the couch for support i guess. So to tease her a little more i quickly moved my hand from her pussy and grabbed her thigh aggressively gently kneading it in my hand, continuing to kiss her i stopped still with her left thigh in my hand, i was sitting to her right. I threw open her legs so she was sitting there spread eagle, soaking wet panties and bare legs, HOT. I quickly kneeled in front of her grabbed those soaking wet undies and ripped them off of her in one quick swipe. I then leaned up into her and wispered in her ear "Start playing with your self" She instantly took one hand from the sofa top and in the most sexual way ran her hand over her body and donw to her pussy. She slowly started to spin her fingers exactly as i had done a few moments before. As she did so she staired straight into my eyes. I wanted to help her so i figured i would give her some visual stimulation. I stood up in front of her and started to strip, slowly removing each article of clothing till i was stark naked. After standing there for a moment watching her play with herself i grab her wrist and say "thats enough, now stand up". Stand up she did, when she stood in front of me it was clear that i was dominant one she was only 5'5 and im 6'6. As she stood there in front of me she was rubbing her hands all over me, kissing my chest flicking my nipples with her tongue. I then spun her around wispered into her ear "that can wait". I then took one finger and as softly as i could slipped it under the strap of her dress carefully running back and forth on the outer edge of the band letting just my finger tip touch her soft body. Back and forth. Slowly i slipped her dress from her shoulders and down her body, as the dress dropped to the ground i followed it as it moved down her back i slowly kissed every spot that it had just left all the way down to her calves, removing her panties and all. Leaving her heels on i took her hand raised it above her head slightly and turned her around leaned in and kissed her sweet lips even more. Now being rock hard from all of this i put both of my hands under her arms and lift her high into the air. I look straight at her and tell her to spread her legs and keep them spread. She did so very willingly, i had her lifted into the air with her legs spread as if she was laying downholding them back. Slowly i lowered her down easing her pussy onto my swollen dick. Ahhh i could feel her slowly getting used to me, each moment dropping her slightly more onto me. After i was all in i told her to wrap her arms around my neck and hold on. After i could tell she had a good grip i grabbed behind her knees as they were still spread and SLOWLY pushed her lower body away from me till just the head of my cock was still in her. Then i let go sending her body weight pushing down onto me after a while of slowly getting this started i could sense she was ready for more and she started doing the motions on her own she would squeeze around my neck really hard then push her hips backwards and then pull on my neck to slam me deep into her cunt. The whole time she was working it herself i was just standing there with my hands on my hips trying to support her weight and mine and not to mention trying not to fall from her fucking me. As she was coming which was pretty easy to feel cause she cam alot she grabbed my head and was kissing me really hard.

Any thoughts?????

cillycece 39F
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4/13/2005 8:07 am

I have always wanted to be dominated by a man or female....You seem like the dom that I have always been looking for.....Just to think that you can blindfold me and tie me up and do what it is that you want to do to me......Gets me all wet just thinking about it....It would be nice to be the one to help you out by trying this again.....Would love to......


JaniSux 46F

12/3/2005 9:29 am

Wow! Another hot one... I am limber but not that fit... so good luck with that... But I do love your writing! And I can easily imagine doing all kind of naughty things to you just from checking out your pic and from what I can see of your body (in that profile pic)...

A very wet, turned on and blushing.. Janie

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12/26/2005 8:12 am


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7/15/2011 9:21 pm

Your stories are really hot!

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