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hubbyontheloose 62M  
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9/11/2006 2:16 am

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where were you?

I have seen a lot of things written today and over the last little while asking "where were you on 9/11?" I know exactly where I was I was. I was at home in the UK glued to the tv screen watching it all unfold and feeling numb with horror knowing that I was watching innocent people die, again. I remember hugging my wife and children and all crying as the awfulness of that day became clear. I remember standing at “ground zero”, opposite the empty space where the hotel I used to stay in while on business in the Twin Towers used to be, and sharing the pain and grief of the thousands with me. I remember standing there and mourning the death of a colleague who was killed trying to help others that day. I remember the empty space where the Downtown office of our bank used to be.

To my eternal regret I have however felt that feeling several times before 9/11, not through just watching events on tv but in real time. I was living and working in Central London from the mid 70s thru to late 90s, all the way during the IRA bombing campaigns. I remember lying in bed and hearing a bomb go off in Oxford Street outside a fast food place - many dead. I remember working in a bank in Notting Hill when the windows came in as the bomb which was supposed to kill an army general killed a surgeon. I remember hearing the bomb go off in Hyde Park which killed several bandsmen and their horses (anybody else remember Sefton?). I remember the bomb outside the Nat West Tower that killed an innocent watchman and wrecked the headquarters of Bank I worked for. I remember my friend from my rugby club and the little girl in the passing car who were killed by the bomb I walked past on my way to Liverpool Street Station. Oh yes I remember where I was when all of those and many more events took place.

I remember other things too though. I remember the US Supreme Court that ruled that IRA murderers and terrorists were "freedom fighters" and should not be extradited for their crimes there by guaranteeing a safe haven for murderers and killers. I also remember the money that poured out of the USA to the IRA from New York, Boston and all over the USA to fund the bombs and guns that were used to kill all those people and my friend. I also remember the press conferences given by people like Gerry Adams exhorting the people of America to support the IRA in their armed struggle - strange that since 9/11 such broadcasts are a thing of the past isn't it? Adams' words are eerily familiar now aren't they when put into the context of Osama bin Laden. I also remember driving in a taxi in Manhattan and seeing a huge painting on a wall of a masked man with an armalite and a slogan saying "support the IRA". That was seen AFTER the 9/11 bombing and I suspect is STILL there.

I wonder what would happen if a group of Moslems were to paint a slogan on a wall in Belfast saying "support Osama and the Jihad". Makes you think doesn't it? Or at least it should.

As far as I am concerned the fight with the IRA is over. It is time for reconciliation and peace for the people of Northern Ireland and also the innocent people of London. I ask you this though - those of you with a conscience and who feel so bad about 9/11 - where were you when the bombs were being funded? Where were your cries of outrage and horror and grief when the people of Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast, Londonderry (or Derry whichever you prefer) and last but not least Omagh were murdered? Maybe - just maybe - 9/11 will make people understand the consequences to REAL people when nothing is done and nothing is said to stop terrorists. It may also make people realise that by giving money and support to organisations like the IRA or ETA or any such group YOU personally are guilty of the maiming and death of each and every innocent man, woman and child slaughtered by these people . When you cry out against the people that carried out 9/11 cry out against ALL terrorists and just maybe one day they will be stopped. Stay silent and YOU are guilty by association and complicity. If you do stay silent I hope you can live with yourself and sleep at nights. If you believe in a God just remember that one day you will stand before Him and answer for your own actions or lack there of.

filthybicouple69 57M/68F
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9/11/2006 8:47 am

Well done ... took courage. Remember the sleepy Surrey town of Guildford having it's heart ripped out when the IRA exploded bombs in pubs there ... Oh & the little boy killed by another bomb in the town of Warrington & his brave Dad afterwards? Terrorist bombs are not new nor the low lifes who fund them & after Osama there will be more. Shame that some people didn't think about the damage they do until well you know when!

hubbyontheloose 62M  
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9/12/2006 9:11 am

thank you for the kind words and the support I dont agree though it takes courage from me to say what I see as the truth. What I think takes real courage is, as you rightly say, is to stand up when your child has been killed and demand reconciliation and peace rather than revenge. Those that gave money to Noraid have the blood of Jonathan Ball (3 years old - it was his father in Warrington you mentioned) on their hands and also that of Tim Parry (12 years old) who died of his injuries five days later. The money to build those bombs came from America (the funding organisation is called Noraid - look it up on the internet if you dont believe me) and Libya. The courage displayed by the sisters of Robert McCartney is another example people should look to. They didnt sit quiet and mourn in the dark like so many others. they stood up to the IRA and the the other so called "para militarists" in Northern Ireland and demanded justice and that the killing should stop. They and their families hgave been threatend by the IRA for their campaign but it has not stopped them. Anybody now who on one hand says they mourn the dead of 9/11 but still gives money and support to organisations such as the IRA is a hypocrite and deserves nothing but contempt for their actions. Incidentally, it is NOT just the IRA - it is the Protestant organisations who kill and maim who also should be weeded out and made to be a thing of the past. Anyway I have said enough now on the subject - I just hope it has made a few people think and reappraise their support for terrorism of all types.

rm_mmmgoodnova 107M/107F
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11/12/2006 2:56 pm

Good post. A lot of people don't think about the terrorism that has gone on in the rest of the world, and long before five years ago. No matter where and why it happens, it's deplorable and tragic.

hubbyontheloose 62M  
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11/14/2006 9:04 am

thanks mmmgood I think enough said now by me tho - have made my point - just hope makes some think rather than just emote. Hope all is well with you down south! Talk soon I hope have missed the contact. xxxx

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