what to do?  

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7/25/2005 11:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what to do?

some REALLY sexy couples moved in to bahrain and into the region recently. Despite several saying they are interested in guys guess what? Zilch, not even a polite answer to mails saying hello. Have checked with guys I know welll on here and they report the same. I have therefore reached a sad cocnclusion - it is all bollocks! Truth is they are NOT interested in guys they want either girls or couples. This shows by the fact that we have MUCH more activity on the setandmrs profile despite saying Mrs isnt playing than on here so guess that proves that people really couldnt give a flying fuck about the guys and just want the girls. Pretty simply is the GUYS in the couples that drives the meetings and the so called "bi sexuality" of the women. Every couple we know the girl is "bi" or at least so it is said. In EVERY case the girl admits that they really are not and only get involved with other women to please their men. What's that all about? Good grief girls stand up for what YOU want! Mrs SET tried several times because SHE wanted to know if she would enjoy - she didnt and so states clearly now she is straight. I would never dream of telling her she should do something she doesnt want to simply for MY enjoyment - how would that please me knowing she was unhappy? Anyway back to my point. Girl doesnt get what she wants, which is other guys, has to have sex with girls which she doesnt particularly enjoy and the guy gets everything HE enjoys. Hmmm so in couples, where is the honesty and truthfulness they demand from everybody else? Amuses the hell out of me that when with couples is the GUY that tries to direct what is happening. Do this, do that to her. No thought of what SHE wants or enjoys in his mind. Basically over 90% are involved to please the man NOT the woman. That is the actual truth of couples in this lifestyle. I have seen this from BOTH sides of the fence - as a single guy and as part of a couple myself. All hell breaks loose when it is obvious the guy is really enjoying himself as well even if the woman is having a good time. She becomes insecure immediately and hey presto jealousy starts. Are we any different, probably not. Mrs is incredibly jealous of two girls in couples we played with and I still am in touch with - despite her adoring one of the guys involved. Only reason things still work is that we do trust each other enough. Oh and the fact they live in other countries and we dont see them that often hahaha. So where are the couples that "claim" to be bi or claim they want men or basically claim anything - is it really all that shallow? Maybe it simply is and I shouold just disnegage the BIG brain permanently and take it for what it is bollocks.

till next time SET

rm_FandY2003 55M/36F
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7/27/2005 2:34 am

Well said!!!


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