the wind is back!  

hubbyontheloose 62M  
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10/24/2005 1:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the wind is back!

no that doesnt mean I have been eating too many onions and beans! It means that now the summer is over the howling winds are back. Went to golf club yesterday with friends and abandoned the round as the wind was so bad - whipping up the sand and driving it into our faces yuk! hate conditions like that. Is beautiful out the back of the house mind you as the wind flies across the bay flattening the waves - dramatic sight. As we live on the edge of an island the first thing the wind hits when it comes over the bay is our house! At times feels as tho the roof is coming off. House definitely makes some odd noises - Mrs gets nervous if on her own when like that as sounds as tho somebody is trying to get in lol.

No naughtiness to report sadly - yet. Dinner with friend tonight which has potential though hehehehe.

One of the things that is perhaps most frustrating about this site is that we all meet really nice people and would simply love to get to know them better and spend time with them - issue is they are half way around the bloody world! Have several friends who are girls (as opposed to girlfriends please note lol) made thru this site but too damned far away to do anything about! grrrrh To my special friend in the States tho - you KNOW I will keep that promise and turn up there one day - better sort that guy out baby - dont want trouble! hawhawhaw.

Have also met on here so many beautiful couples where there is solid mutual attraction and perfect "fit" but just too bloody far away <sigh>

Is it becuase people ARE so far away that that seems to work so well? Is it simply the distance is a barrier that makes people feel more comfortable and able to relax more? Whenever have seen couples close to home that on paper are a perfect match both ways - they run away. May be of course is after they see my network pics - they simply think EEK not touching that! hahahaha. Probably more to do with the married thing tho - as usual. Ah well c'est la vie.

am off to get my day moving beter do SOME work today I guess.

till next time SET

Two4YouinLA 58M/64F

11/27/2005 7:43 am

We can relate to what your saying. We find people that we *click* with online, and they are too far to actually get together with face to face to see if there is a mutual attraction. It's rather like taking that step forward and then having to take a step back. You wonder sometimes when meeting someone if your words are attractive to them, and then you send that *pic* and wait, hoping that what they see doesn't totally turn off what you've spent time turning on LOL I do have to say that we have met a variety in here. And our prospects look good. It's just finding the time to actually *reach out and touch someone* that we haven't been able to mesh.

We also wanted to mention that we have had the pleasure of conversing with SET *smiling* We have found him to be a *real* person and hope to continue sharing our mutual goals.

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