story of my first time with labwa and her hubby  

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story of my first time with labwa and her hubby

A while back I wrote the story of "labwa's fantasy" and said then I would one day write of the first evening I spent with her and her hubby. I was in the mood Actually a friend here on AdultFriendFinder asked me to write the story for him and his wife to share and enjoy together that was what prompted this. I have copied the story from that mail to them. I have changed the names and places so as top protect my girl and her hubby. This is the first part of the story, depending on reaction and comments I may write the "rest of the night", we will see. If you want the rest let me know by your comments and feedback.

It is exciting for me to share sexual experiences with people from different backgrounds, cultures and raes and to share with them new adventures. I have been working in the Middle East for MANY years so have a good understanding of arab people, the region and Islam etc. I studied arabic in London for two years before coming to live full time in Bahrain in 1997. Although I can still read and write arabic my vocabularly is now limited as I dont get a chance to talk much here as everybody speaks English. Going into a place where little English is spoken therefore was in itself an adevnture.

The first arab couple I met live in a northern arab country. We started to talk online about 5 years ago now. We grew to know each other and trust each other by sharing honestly and openly our real lives. That of course took time to build but was worth every second for all three of us. Actually all FOUR of us as my wife Mrs SET is also close friends with these people and we two have travelled to stay with them several times together at their apartment.

We met through They were looking for a man they could trust to join them and share with them new sexual experiences. She was 33 at the time and he 42. they have kids and a very normal conservative background and life. They needed someone who was 100% safe in ALL ways whom they knew would never betray them. They also wanted a man who was sexually experienced and who would be willing to play lots of new and different games with them.

Before we met we wrote emails back and forward setting out ideas of what we would do together when we finally met and could play together sexually. They both love reading sexy stories and talking about sex - she particularly is turned on by talking about sex. From our mails I discovered what she liked and didnt like and what REALLY turned her on. Same for him. She was like me really and wanted to try EVERYTHING in sex. She loves straight sex but wants the man to be a little rough sometimes. She loves being spanked and fucked hard in her arse. She had never had a man cum in her mouth and wanted to see what that was like (her husband had not done this for her) She also really wanted to feel both men inside her at once. Fill every hole over and over. He loved the thought of being able to watch her being fucked in every possible way by another man. When he was ready he would join in and either take over or join both. That was a delightful idea to me.

These mails really turned us all on so I had the idea of writing down for us EXACTLY what we should do together at our first sex session together. We had to follow the "script" of the story. She adored that idea! She knew EXACTLY what would happen for and to her and she loved the anticipation of that. We agreed that I would travel to their city to spend four days with them though I would stay in an hotel not their place on the first visit. This was sensible for everyone. Mrs SET was happy with that and knew fully what was happening. She gave me her blessing and said when she was better she would like also to visit them.

I had seen pictures of them both before I arrived so knew whom I was looking for. The reality though was even more wonderful than I hoped. She is a dark skinned dark eyed girl not very tall but well built. When I saw her at the airport I smiled very broadly because she is so beautiful. Lovely clear dark skin, I love it! He is a tall well built handsome man and also to me looked very sexy. We drove to the Hotel where I was staying and they sat with me and we drank coffee and talked for hours! They had sent their kids to his Mum's house for a few days so they could be with me. That evening we went out for dinner and talked and talked and talked hahaha She spoke hardly any English at that time and my arabic was very poor but he spoke quite good english so we all got on well. Over the evening it became very clear from what was being said and the small very very discreet touches and looks exchanged that all three of us wanted to go further. We had agreed though beforehand that nothing would happen that first night. This was the first time they had actually met anyone for real so was sensible to make sure they were really happy to go forward before we got into a situation they could be uncomfortable with. They came back with me to my room though and we kissed and hugged each other and promised each other that the next night we would enjoy each other fully. I said that we would enjoy our "first night story", that nearly made her cum straight away and she hugged and kissed me very hard running her hands over my body as we kissed. I hardly slept that night I was so excited and hard hehehe.

Th next afternoon we met again and we went into the old part of town and walked together in the Souk. Later on we went for dinner in a lovely old restaurant then to a bar they liked. After a few drinks they asked if I still wanted to join them at their place. I said "very much!" They live in the suburbs of the City so is a fairly long taxi journey. He sat in the front of the taxi and she in the back with me. All during the journey her hand was in my lap rubbing my cock through my trousers. We both were very careful though to make sure nothing could be seen or known by the taxi driver. Needless to say my cock was VERY hard all the way home.

When we got to the flat, as soon as the door was closed, all three of us grabbed each other and kissed and hugged deeply. Was really very nice and felt good and natural and right. She made us Turkish coffee and he poured us glasses of arak, one of my favourite drinks. I had brought them a bottle of champagne but was not cold so we put that in the fridge for the next evening. We moved back to the sitting room where the had two large sofas which sat facing each other. We sat for a while and played a game where each had to tell the first time they had done a particular sex act. I made her tell us of the first time she had sucked a cock. Was her husband's it turned out! So they BOTH told that story hahaha In fact it turned out her husband's cock was the ONLY one she had ever touched let alone sucked! She got her own back by making me tell the same, when was the first time I had sucked a man's cock hahaha Was obvious that story really turned them both on! (those details for another time! hahahaha).

As we talked he was unbuttoning her shirt and pulled it off her then undone her bra so her tits were free and naked. He asked to me to tell them what I thought. I was honest I thought she was totally lovely and her tits which were large with big red nipples were delicious. He asked if I wanted to suck them and bite her nipples I said "very much". I also said I wanted to put my cock between her tits and fuck her there. That idea made her moan slightly, she liked that thought and now enjoys that a lot during our foreplay. Her husband then made her stand and pulled off her skirt so she was left only in her panties. She was lovely. I stayed still and just watched her and smiled. He made her bend over and slowly pulled her panties off so her naked arse was towards me, she was beautiful. I wanted to taste her and fuck her very badly. I did not move though, this was our story, the one I had written for them!!!! They were following the script! As she bent over he made her open her legs wide and pulled the cheeks of her arse open so I could see her arse hole and her pussy from behind. She was wide open and soaking wet. Her thighs were already wet as she was literally dripping she was so excited. (She always gets very wet when she is very excited, is how I know she is really really happy and enjoying herself). All the time he was asking me what I wanted to do with her and would I like to fuck her arse and pussy. He turned her round and pulled her pussy lips open so I could see everything of her. She was shaking she was so excited. Her pussy was shaved totally clean so I could see everything very very clearly. She looked so beautiful I wanted to leap across and eat her up straight away but I had promised we would stick to our story as we had agreed so I sat still and just answered his questions. It was obvious talking about this and showing her off to another man excited him very much indeed too, I could hear that in his voice. She pulled away from him and quickly stripped his clothes from him. I then saw his cock for the first time. As a moslem he was of course circumsized. He has a good sized cock and it is thick at the base. His body is quite hairy and he is a good strong man. She made him stand and turning him so I could see she slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. Her eyes though were watching ME the whole time to see my reaction. His eyes were watching me too as he wanted to see me enjoy him being sucked by his wife. She laughed when she saw me lick my lips as she knew I wanted very much to join her. That came later though! I had to wait! hahaha She licked all round his cock and sucked his balls one by one, he was very hard and his cock was twitching.

He moved away and pushing her back onto the couch he lited her her legs and with his hands opened her pussy wide showing how lovely and wet she was. He asked me if I would like to suck and lick her pussy till she came on my face - mmmmm wonderful. All the time she kept her arms wide and did not move them as he showed her to me. He then asked me how much I wanted to fuck her. I said very much! He then told her to tell me what she wanted me to do to her. She could barely speak as she was so excited. In arabic she said (he translated for me. She wanted my cock in her mouth, she wanted me to suck her breasts and nipples and gently bite them and rub my cock between them. She wanted me to suck and lick her pussy till she came on my face. She wanted me to fuck her hard and wanted us both inside her. She wanted me to put my tongue in her ass and lick her then put my cock in there and fuck her tight little hole. Every fantasy she had ever had was pouring out of her. He told her to ask me to undress and come across the room and join her and them. The idea of the story was to have her nearly cumming by this time so that she wanted me to hurry, undress and come to her, it worked perfectly!!! . She was by this time literally sobbing and was very close to cumming as he still held her wide open for me.

When I was naked I went across the room and her husband pulled her up made her kneel and took hold of my cock in his hand and placed me in her mouth. He held my cock as she slowly licked the end and sucked me. The end of my cock was soaking wet and I could feel that I was also close to cumming I was so excited by watching and listening to them. He pulled my cock up and told her to lick and suck my balls. As she licked my balls he slowly moved his hand up and down on the shaft of my cock, that felt really very good. mmmm. I was running my hands through her long hair. She has beautiful reddish hair which I love playing with and burying my face into. I moved slightly sideways and took her hand and put hers besides his on my cock and told her to take hold of his cock too. She now had both cocks in her hands and we stood close together so she could bend down and suck and lick on each as she wanted to. She pulled us round until our cocks were touching each other and she slid both cocks into her mouth together. This nearly made both us men cum too quickly as the feeling was wonderful. Her lips mouth and tongue sliding on my cock while his cock also rubbed against mine mmmmm. We couldn't cum yet as the story had to be finished, so we pulled her up and gently laid her back till she was sitting down on the couch again. Pushing her back her husband held her breasts up and offered one after the other to me to suck and lick. She howled when I took her hard red nipples between my teeth and gently nibbled on them, she totally adores me doing that to her. In fact now she loves being bitten hard and being made to be very sore but that is a digression. He bent over and licked and sucked one as I licked the other. While doing so our hands also explored her and the other's body touching each other everywhere legs and asses and also each others' cocks and balls . All three just gently exploring each other and enjoying soft touches and hugs, was slow gentle and nice. Pulling away he lifted his wife's legs and opened them wide and asked me to suck and lick her pussy. I could see deep inside her, she was soaking wet and very red and swollen. I licked down the inside of her thighs, gently nibbling with my teeth, something I knew she would love from what she had written before. Slowly I ran my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips. Gently sucking each pussy lip into my mouth, running my tongue along each as I slowly sucked it in and out the same way as she had sucked on my cock. This was driving her crazy and he had to hold her down as she was sobbing and wriggling so much. Her husband moved round so he could suck on her breasts at the same time as watching me sucking her pussy. He moved up and they hugged and whispered to each other in arabic as I knelt and licked the inside of her pussy with long strokes rubbing her clit until she started to move her hips hard against my tounge. At the same time I took hold of his cock in my left hand and rubbed my hand up and down making him moan in her mouth too. They held each other tight and kissed hard as she came hard onto my mouth. I rubbed him hard and as she came I made him shoot his cum over her belly and my hand. They both screamed their orgasms into each others mouths. She sharing with him her delight at him allowing her to be made to cum by another man and he at another man making him cum over her...................

The evening (and night) did not stop there of course but will finish the story another time if I get a good reaction. What I have written is as EXACTLY, as I can make it, what happened before and during our first time together. It could not have been better and we all had a wonderful time. I really do hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. Wont surprise you I am sure that I am very excited here writing this remembering that wonderful night. Let ME know what you thought of this and the ideas my arab friends and I shared together.

You never know, maybe one day we will write together the "script" for OUR first night together hehehehe.

till the next time SET

Two4YouinLA 58M/64F

1/13/2006 1:25 pm

Hello darlin....

This story gets better each time I read it. I enjoy reading anything you write. Each time, I find something else that makes my insides contract and get all gooey LOL As I have said before "Oh don't I wish I was a fly on the wall" *grinning* You have a way of creating such wonderful visuals when you write about an event. I was drawn into the story as if I was sitting in a chair nearby...enjoying the view. The idea of a script was excellent. I imagine it helped with those first time jitters. Alot of us can relate to that. Once over with it makes the next time all that more enjoyable...*ice broken* A script would provide an idea of what is expected of everyone involved. Not to say things can't vary but it gives guidelines.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure it is going to entertain alot of members in here...haha *members* Good thing about a long story like can read and only needs to scroll. Leaving a hand free LOL



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1/14/2006 8:10 am

awww thank you - got me blushing (again! lol). Am really pleased you guys enjoyed this story so much. Now wouldnt it be a nice idea if we were reading it together and we put hubby between us and you and I BOTH had a hand free to hold on as you are doing in that pic beside your comment? mmmm Pleasant idea isnt it?

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8/1/2011 9:06 am

Very interesting...I read this story many times.

hubbyontheloose 61M  
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8/10/2011 8:13 am

am so pleased that you enjoy my story so much and you read it again and again - that is a big compliment Have you seen the other stories I have written and posted here? Hope you enjoy those as much. Would be nice to share more smiles so please do stay in touch. HKLS from SET xxxxx

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