peeing myself laughing at felching  

hubbyontheloose 61M  
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5/20/2006 7:00 am

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2/5/2008 7:44 am

peeing myself laughing at felching

Sail nekkid put a post into purry kitty's blog recently - here check it out [blog purrykitty2]- where he asked people to go thru the alphabet giving a sex related word or sexual position for every letter - is very good and worth browsing that for a laugh. The thing that got me was that under the letter F nobody mentioned "felching"! hahahaha That for me HAS to be the grossest sexual practice there is, it truly does. What is even funnier is that in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there really is a place called "Felch". Can you imagine telling people where you are from if that was the place of your birth? "Hey everybody - I am a Felcher!" hawhawhaw Do they have a football or baseball team? All the people in the bleachers shouting "Go Felch!" hawhawhaw That cracks me up! If you dont know what felching is check out this web page - it is gross so be prepared to go "eeewwww"! hahahaha (you will need to copy and paste the url into yr browser). Only those of strong constitution should go there tho! Before anybody says anything - I do NOT, never have and never will practice felching hawhawhaw (shudder).

So come on does anybody know a grosser sexual practice than this? I am sure there has to be one lol

CruelKitty 46F
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5/20/2006 7:33 am

what is felching?

hubbyontheloose replies on 5/21/2006 1:01 am:
CruelKitty - cut and paste the url I posted in the blog and you will get definitions - warn you tho it is NASTY! lmao

made2havesex 37M
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5/21/2006 3:08 am

Hi Sexy

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rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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5/21/2006 7:40 am

What is felching????

Purry {=}


hubbyontheloose replies on 5/22/2006 12:18 am:
oh damn - they have blocked the url without me realising grrrrh This is the internet guys!!!! we swap webpage urls! wonder if anybody ever explained to AdultFriendFinder bots what the internet is (sigh) Purry go to google and enter the word there and will find loads of entries for that - sorry hadnt realised they would block the url. grrrh

wondertwins2006 44F/39F
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5/21/2006 5:15 pm

Felching???? This one I HAVE to see.

shar1 56F
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5/28/2006 12:28 am

Ugh..nope Felching is definitely the worst sexual act i have ever heard of. The worrying thing was I heard about it when I was facilitating a class on safe sex to a group of 14 year olds...scary stuff!!!

hubbyontheloose replies on 5/28/2006 6:03 am:
safe sex and felching - now if you ever wanted a definition of the word "oxymoron" THAT is it! hahahahaha Did they have to explain to you what it meant? have visions of you sitting in horror as some 14 year old sat and explained the details of that hahahaha. Oh to have had been a fly on the wall with a video camera! Shar - that is just too funny! Note that nobody has yet come up with a grosser thought than this one? not really surprising I suppose hahaha

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