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5/27/2006 2:43 am

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5/28/2006 5:51 am

island fever

Escape! Living on a desert island where the lifestyle is easy and you have lots of great friends would seem like most peoples' idea of heaven - well it is for us - most of the time. Problem is it is SMALL and gets claustrophobic. We call this syndrome "island fever". We just get fed up seeing the same places and same faces EVERY day. We love our friends dearly and adore where we live but is like getting up every morning and ALWAYS having the same breakfast cereal to eat. So from time to time it is great to get away from here and simply see different things. I have been thinking of the things I will miss and the things I look forward to seeing and doing when back in the UK. Some are obvious but others.....

To see rain again will be nice. Hasnt rained here in MONTHS! Would never have thought as a kid growing up in the Scottish Highlands that I would ever miss rain. Sunshine EVERY day though gets wearing. We miss trees. Date palms everywhere here and other types of palm trees too but seeing an old oak or huge chestnut or a pine forest is a lovely thought. Normal green grass! Not the rough tough stuff that grows here but the soft dark green grass that grows up North we look forward to seeing again. Fields of grain and cows and sheep in a field (not in the back of a pick up truck!) will be great to see. Am serious - last time I saw a sheep he was in the cab of a pick up truck sitting in the front next to the driver! Bizarre place we do live in at times!

what else? Young pretty girls wearing tight clothes - or very little clothes - in the street and in bars. We do get fed up seeing beautiful girls dressed in black bags! Couples walking hand in hand or arm in arm in the street instead of having to have a three foot exclusion zone between them. Walking in the street - hardly anybody walks anywhere here - the car is ubiquitous! Sensible driving! Driving standards here are appalling! Every day somebody gets killed by a nutcase hammering at 60mph plus through a red light. The carnage on the roads here is simply unbelievable! Nobody throwing trash or spitting in the street - bliss! One of our pet hates - people opening their car doors when at traffic lights and gobbing on the road! arrgh disgusting! Littering is also endemic - can be very dirty people here at times.

NOT looking forward to - violence and aggresive behaviour. Having been living here for 9 years we are used to total safety and security in the streets and at home. England seems now to be such an aggresive place - we dislike that feeling intensely. Have to remember to not leave things in the car on view. Come to that have to remember to lock the car! Dont leave wallet and mobile phone lying around. Watch handbags (Mrs that is!) and cameras and watch out for pickpockets. Dont look other people in the eye if you dont know them ("who are you looking at pal?" sigh). Dont expect good service in restaurants - do we expect ANY form of service?

Thing I am LEAST looking forward to though - having to spend a whole WEEK with Mrs' mother! Oh ye gods! TORTURE! arrrgh!

Will be away from here for the whole of June. By the end of the month we will be back in "Island mood" the fever will be gone and we wont be able to get back here soon enough. When we get back the temperatures will be in the 40s every day (and night) humidity will be in the 90s every day (worse at night) but hey being home again in our little slice of heaven is worth all that.

Nice to get away but isnt it nice to get back home again?

till next time SET

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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5/28/2006 5:17 am

I love coming home, but as soon as I get back, I want to go again

You can come to MD and I can make you not want to go back home

Purry {=}


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5/28/2006 5:51 am

ah gorgeous girl - as i said earlier - be careful what you wish for! The two girls in my network (labwa and the other girl in Michigan) both said something similar and I turned up Look what happened to them! Still do you think that that is that a fate worth risking?

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