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games and fun

Dont know about you but when we are with play friends we are there for FUN! That means smiles laughter and a good time for all. To get the evening going we love playing games. Our favourites are sex dice and "truth or dare". We were surprised at our last adult party several people didn't know how to play "truth or dare" so thought would write down the rules here and share that with you.

"Truth or Dare"

Best if large group of people but can be played with 4.

Arrange yourselves male/female/male/female and so on.

Decide who is first to start (choose the wildest person to start!)

Whoever is to the starter's left has to ask him/her to choose "truth or dare".

If "truth" is chosen then they are asked a question which must be answered 100% honestly! Examples: "how many of the people in the room have you had sex with?" "what's the strangest place you have ever had sex?" "what age were you when you lost your virginity?" person should give honest answer and go on to give some sexy details so everybody has a laugh.

If "dare" is chosen then the person HAS to undertake any task ordered by the person to their left. Examples for guys: "kiss the ass cheeks of every woman in the room" "bare your ass and get spanked lightly by every person in the room" "have your eyes blidfolded and identify by touch alone the woman's tit that is placed in your hands" Examples for girls: "drop your knickers bend over and let every man in the room bite GENTLY your ass cheeks" "have eyes blindfolded and identify by touch alone the male equipment placed in your hands" "kiss and lick the tits of every other woman in the room"

Go round the circle a few times encourage people to have dares especially if they have asked for truth before! After two or three rounds then allow free asking - ie whoever last was tasked can ask anybody they choose male or female "truth or dare".

A forfeit has to be decided upon for anybody refusing to either answer a truth question or undertake the dare set them. e.g Can be a shot of alcohol or a spanking etc etc - depends on the crowd.

Obviously the more clothes people lose during the game and the sexier the dares the more turned on people will be. Start fairly easily on the dares and build up to blowjobs and pussy licking and go as far as people want. Too much too soon will put people off so build up. By the end of the game somebody will get screwed lying on top of the bar in front of everybody else hehehehe Also be careful with bi-play - judge the crowd! Some people just dont like bi-play so respect that!

This is supposed to be FUN so treat it as such and everybody will have a lot of laughs! If you play the game make sure you share the details with me!

Anybody else got games we can play at parties to break the ice?

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