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9/13/2005 2:47 am

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busy busy busy

Mrs home in the morning!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

As I said the days get better and better as the time for her getting back to me gets closer. Can't wait to see her snuggle up and just talk with her. Well after her proper welcome home anyway hehehee. Plane gets in at 7 am by 8.30 am she will be on her back with legs in the air hahahaha She ha already told me to save my strength and get a good night's sleep as I am going to need it! hahahaha God I miss her!

Hopfeully my friend will have dinner with me this evening if she finishes work early enough and gives me a call. Would be nice to see her and spend an evening together. Given up on anything going further - she made it damned clear the other evening what she thought of that idea hahaha. That's cool. Am disappointed if I am honest as I think a LOT of this person and would have adored sharing that with her but is not what she wants. Will never be in a position to give her what she wants which is a relationship deeper than just friends so being the gentleman I am I will smile and look after her as a friend and simply enjoy her in that way. (Real truth is of course I will lie in a dark room and cry myself to sleep and never look the world in the face again in the same way hahahahha well maybe not <grin>. I have a uncomplicated way of looking at life which for some reason appears complicated to everybody else - hmmmm how does that work? Ah well wont ever change. Anyway I will still flirt outrageously with her and make all sorts of suggestions hahahhaa she is a tease and enjoys the flirting so will all be a bit of fun.

Spending the day cleaning the house today eeeek. Place is not TOO bad but will be spotless for the morning when she gets home. Damned if she is going to come back to a tip. Going to take most of the afternoon cleaning washing polishing and ironing though hahahaha. SET the "house slut" hehehe Hmmmm not such a bad idea that as it happens - could be fun mmmm hawhawhaw. The pic on here is from some time ago where I dressed up as the house slut to cheer Mrs up when she was ill. She nearly cried with laughter - cant think why. Isnt it amazing how laughter makes you feel better? Good medicine!

Ok am off to get this place cleaned up.

Smile LOTS.

till next time SET

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