been busy in ALL respects !!!!  

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2/13/2006 5:09 am

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been busy in ALL respects !!!!

eeek a busy last few days! Family just arrived here in bahrain so that will keep me out of mischief for a wee while anyway I guess.

Had a GREAT time down in Dubai. Stayed with lovely friends there, no fun and games but that doesnt matter, is them we like not just sex with them if that makes sense to people. The golf was awesome!!!!! Couldnt have asked for a more exciting better finish. Mind you we did rather want Anders to win as he is Danish. We sort of wondered how the organisers would react having to give the trophy to a Danish guy hawhawhaw would have been VERY funny given everything that has been going on roflmao.

There is a couple of people I do want to spend time with in Dubai though. Sexually that is. A old friend from Bahrain has moved there and his girlfriend has joined him. They are keen to play some nice bi and kinky games with me when I get down there so must organise that soon! They are both really good looking and kinky as hell, just perfect for me!!! mmmmm There is also a lovely young couple (arab) living in Abu Dhabi whom I have been talking to for the longest time but never had the chance to get together with yet. They are hot!!! They are also hot to play with me when we meet up mmmm. With some luck they will come up here to Bahrain soon and stay with Mrs and I now that would be ideal!!!! Get our local friends over and have a big sex party wooohoo! Also a nice girl in another emirate whom I have discussed many things with. Not sure if anything will happen with her but would like to get together with her anyway as she is a sweet lass. So a golf trip for me will have to be organised in the near future methinks! Get down there with the sticks and also have lots of fun! Delightful!

Our friends here in bahrain have been wonderful mmmmm been having LOTS of fun with them!!!! Turned up at golf at the weekend after a night of non-stop sex drink and general debauchery and wondered why after 7 holes I basically couldnt hit the damned ball hahahaha Was worth every bad shot and missed putt!!! mmmm Was a superb night, we adore those two! Yes that does mean that Mrs was playing as well!!! wooohooo!

Also been having lots of fun online with my lovely friends in Louisiana, look forward to meeting that kinky pair one day and we will have LOTS of fun!!! mmmm Also my gorgeous girl in Pa. Adore that girl, sigh, wish she was a LOT closer as she and I would def have LOTS of fun yum she is lovely!

So all in all SET has been having fun again (at last!) hahaha Big self satisfied smile on my face. Now all I need is to see my labwa and life would be perfect! sigh

off to get some work done

till next time SET

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