Story of my first night with labwa and her husband  

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Story of my first night with labwa and her husband

This is the second and concluding part of the story of my first night with my beautiful labwa and her wonderful husband. Please do read the first part of the story for the build up and context. This is as exact to the truth as it is possible to write such things. I must admit that some details get a little hazy as the night wore on given the atmosphere and the alcohol hahaha. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to yet more feedback.


Having both cum hard the two of them were happy to lie cuddling each other for a short while which was very cool with me. I decided that that point was a good time to get up and fix us some new drinks and take a break. They liked that a lot as gave them just a few moments alone to get their heads around what had happened and what was going to happen, there was no rush. I was simply happy to see them having such a great time and knew I could afford to be patient. The rest of the “script” I had written before traveling there was yet to unfold and had NO doubts I was going to be fully satisfied and happy too.

Coming back into the room labwa got up and took the drinks laid them on the table and putting her arms round my neck kissed me deeply and whispered “thank you” in my ear. It was a lovely moment. I went and sat down on the larger of the two couches and hubby sat down beside me, labwa curled up on the floor between our legs. We sat and chatted for a while about this and that. Gradually as I played with her hair she started stroking my thighs with her nails, these are long and bloody sharp lol. Labwa in Arabic means “lioness”, with her mane of hair, sharp teeth and sharp claws that is the perfect name for her. I love having my skin scratched like that and immediately I was hard and ready for what was to come. She pushed me back and got between my legs. She started licking and biting my thighs, something I really like. Working her way all around, and slowly upwards she covered my legs in bites and licks. Her husband was content to sit back in the corner of the sofa and watch his wife work on me. She kept her hair back out of the way so he and I could see all she was doing. Her mouth moved up and she started licking my balls and gently sucked each one after the other into her mouth. She pulled my cock upwards and licked down towards my arse, is a wonderful feeling. When she bit me there it made me squirm hard but as I said I truly enjoy this so was lovely. Her tongue was everywhere and she was just able to reach under and lick my arsehole. I thought I was going to cum immediately she did this, is such a wonderfully lewd thing to have done to you. She now knows I adore this so is something she does for me often. Licking back up she took me all the way into her mouth and sucked me as far in as she could. Her husband’s cock by this time was also rock hard as he watched her suck on me. They pushed me onto my back on the sofa and he joined her sucking on my cock. They passed me back and forth taking turns to suck me and lick me and to kiss each other as well with the head of my cock between their lips. It was wonderful. I knew that could not last.

What happened next would have happened even if it was not in the script. I pulled away from them and sat up pulling labwa round and pushing her forward onto his lap, I told her to take his cock in her mouth. Lifting her arse up I buried myself as deep as I could in her pussy from behind. She literally howled as I went all the way in. There was no way I could be gentle now. I simply wanted to cum inside her and drove in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as I could. She was boiling inside and so wet my thighs were dripping from her. She was being fucked by another man as she sucked her husband’s cock and that thought drove her crazy. She was not sucking him she was eating him! Looking back we all giggled as she was simply all animal at that point including the noises she was making, was an awesome sight. That couldn’t last though and I literally exploded inside her. People talk of “exploding” inside a woman ‒ this was almost literally true in this case. Was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life. The build up had been long and perfect. She was going crazy at the other end on her husband’s cock and was obvious he was not going to last much longer either! The script called for him to cum in her mouth but he had other ideas. Pushing himself up, he literally picked her up and threw her on her back on the sofa. He leapt on her and drove straight inside her. He just started hammering away, in and out. She went wild at this. He wanted to fuck his wife with another man’s cum still inside her that was obvious. I sat back and watched them enjoying themselves. She was just cumming again and again holding on to him and thrashing her hips around. Unlike me though he has not had a vasectomy so couldn’t risk adding his cum to mine inside her. At the last moment he pulled out and covered her belly in a massive spray of cum. Both of them were going crazy in Arabic ‒ couldn’t understand a word but really didn’t have to ‒ words like those need NO translation.
When they had both recovered their breath they moved over and hugged me hard and close. We stayed like that for a long time simply holding each other and savouring the afterglow of what had been in many ways the perfect start to our friendship.

I had brought a change of clothes with me to the flat so was staying the night. We moved from the sitting room through to the bedroom to get really comfortable. The “script” was over so from there on in was “make it up as you go” time. That was cool as it was time for gentleness and slow rather than any form of choreography. That had been fun but we needed now to really get to know each other and explore each other slowly.

One thing I love is to explore a woman from head to toe. Every single little bit of her inside and out. Is like a voyage of exploration, you never know what you will find just over the next horizon. Every person is different and is also different depending on mood etc so nothing is ever the same twice. To me the journey never stops. I have been married to Mrs. SET for 28 years and still can find new things to make her squirm and jump and giggle , is wonderful fun. Exploring labwa for the first time I wanted to find out what she liked, where and how. I wanted to know her outside and inside every single centimeter of her. It took a LONG time but I explored her as she lay with her hubby. He was exhausted so was asleep beside us as we gently played. Was cool just knowing he was there and so relaxed about everything. Sometimes she was so relaxed she almost fell asleep too, like we do under a gentle massage. At others she jumped and cried out as my teeth explored as well as my lips and tongue and hands. Every toe and finger was explored. She loved it when I sucked her fingers into my mouth as though they were a cock I was sucking on. It really excited her to feel my tongue rubbing her as though it was the head of her cock being rubbed. Her imagination ran riot at that. I avoided the obvious areas such as nipples arsehole and pussy until the last moment. By the time I sucked her nipples into my mouth she was prepared all over and very sensitive. As I said she has very large nipples which get very hard. She sobbed as each was sucked and nibbled with my teeth. I was not gentle as I knew she wanted me to be quite hard with her at that point. She trashed around and held my hair but made no attempt to pull either me or herself away. Licking down her body I could taste her husband’s cum on her stomach and it was a deliciously lewd for us both knowing this.

Lifting her legs high I was able to explore her gorgeous arse. She and her hubby often had anal sex together they had said but she had never had a man lick her there before and push his tongue inside her. She adored it! I told her to hold her knees and spread herself wide for me so I could see her wide open arse and pussy. She was soaking wet with her own cum and mine it was a glorious sight. I still sit here and lick my lips as I write this at the memory. I wanted her to wait and anticipate rather than just dive in and perhaps spoil the moment. I used my hands to spread her as wide open as I could. I was able to see deep inside her. When I moved down and put my tongue into her pussy as far as I could I could feel her start to cum straight away. I could taste her and me both inside there and that thought was absolutely delicious, she tasted wonderful. I spent a long long time exploring all that glorious pussy had to offer with my lips my tongue and my teeth. I couldn’t wait any more and sliding up her I gently moved my cock into her. She said after she could feel every little touch inside her as I slid into her. She had never been so sensitive inside before. With perfect timing her hubby awoke as her legs came up over my hips. We both reached out and pulled him tight against us so all three were hugging tight. I moved very gently and slowly in her and we slowly made love. Was no longer sex ‒ it was the three of us making love together. It was truly wonderful. She was cumming almost continuously by the time I was ready and when I came inside her she fell to pieces. She started to cry and holding on to us both cried solidly for nearly 30 minutes. What for her had been impossible dreams of freedom was a reality and that was overwhelming for her. There was nothing for us men to do but simply hold her and allow her to work through her emotions as she needed. When her crying subsided she was a little embarrassed but we both assured her there was no need to be. We had shared something wonderful and her reaction to that was perfect. After many gentle hugs kisses and cuddles we all three fell asleep in each others’ arms , her in the middle as she had dreamed of. A perfect end to a magical night.


Was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted for several years now and that friendship has deepened as time has passed. It is no exaggeration to say we now all three are deeply in love and Mrs. too shares in this though sadly not (yet!) in the physical side. We speak as often as possible on the phone or online or failing that sms every day, just to let each of the others know they are being thought of and smiled for. Have received three sms messages from labwa while sitting writing this part of the story hahaha.

My friends asked me to write this story and I have done so as accurately as I possibly could. I will be honest and admit that I have had to stop once or twice during the writing of this as the memories somewhat over “came” me so to speak lol. Closing my eyes I have had no difficulty bringing my gorgeous girl’s face to my view and I know she was watching me as I made myself cum thinking of her. They will simply smile when they read this as I know they think such thoughts of me every day.

I hope you who read this have enjoyed sharing this with me and that some little bit of the joy of that day has passed on. Some will dismiss it as made up, as you like I am sad for you. Others though will take it for what it is, my sharing a wonderful moment in my life.

There have been MANY other nights with labwa and her hubby. The first is always somehow the most poignant. The subsequent times though have been wonderful as we have explored more and more. Remember that each new move forward was their first exploration of sex with another person. A taboo in many cultures but perhaps even more so in theirs! I count myself a lucky man to have shared this with them.

I have also been lucky enough to have met with and shared many wonderful times and evenings with other couples. Some were friends from before Mrs. became ill others are new friends. Some the guys are like me bisexual, others totally straight. Is cool with me as I never want to push people into situations they may be uncomfortable with. I look forward to more and more special evenings as time goes on. Maybe with new couples, I hope so. I have however wonderful friends and though patience is needed sometimes as they, several of them, are far away from me. The adventure continues! I may write more of my times with labwa and hubby but will send that only to those who have taken the trouble to comment.

Please DO comment I would enjoy your reactions very much. With my warmest and best wishes to you all.


Two4YouinLA 58M/64F

1/13/2006 1:46 pm

Your a rare find SET. There is so much emotion wrapped up in this story. It's apparent that you care for both of these people...something about you that I have found honorable. A respect that is sometimes lacking in this sort of lifestyle. It isn't all about just the act of sex. It is accomplishing a connection between partners. If there is success in that, you are on your way to *friends with benefits* people you can enjoy both in and out of the bedroom. Hopefully some day if fate joins our paths we will meet, and face to face I can tell you what a truely exceptional man you are *smiling* ( can pay me later for saying that...hawhawhaw)



Indulge_me101 55F

12/28/2006 4:48 am

Well, I am not often without words, come to think of it..I am never without words...or make that never have been..up to now that is...
Set, as two4youinla many emotions wrapped up in this story...While reading it, I could tune into it to such an extent that it felt fot a small while, as if i was sharing some of if I was there...
Very, very good, and I for one is looking foreward to reading a lot more....u are a very special person, and I am honoured to have met u...even though online, but who knows...maybe someday......
Hugs and kisses

hubbyontheloose replies on 12/31/2006 2:35 am:
eeeek - blush blush! not often somebody gets me blushing but you have mnanaged it lol Thanks gorgeous girl I appreciate that. In my other writing - fiction - I need to get the same emotion in there. Is difficult as I am not direvctly involved with the "people" I am writing about. Guess I need to train the brains (both of them lol) to think as tho i were and that way get that emotion and involvement in there. Be VERY careful what you wish for - several people have said they wished to meet me and guess what - I turned up! hahahaha talk to you later today I hope. hugs SET xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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