Dubai time wooohooo!  

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2/3/2006 11:58 am

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Dubai time wooohooo!

off in the morning to Dubai to see the golf wooohoo! Tiger vs Ernie vs Retief - doesnt get any better than that! ok ok I KNOW I get boring on the subject of golf - do I care though? nope! lol Amreally excited about the weekend. will be staying with friends we have played with before so hope will be fun mmmm yum yum yum! Better subject? hehehe

Have been scrivbbling away on here on the next episode of my F and K memoirs. Will post those soon either here or the magazine or maybe wont. I write them for me mostly anyway is nice to reminisce. Is there "poetic license" in my stories? No not a lot - obviously the dialogue is not 100% accurate. Who would recall every word spoken after even a couple of weeks? Who would recall every word spoken when you are deep inside a gorgeous girl's puss or arse or mouth? lol I reckon my writing style doesnt suit a lot of people here on this site as dont get straight to the point, ie suck fuck and bugger, immediately. A story should be a story though to me. should have start, a middle and an ending. it should also have characters not simply holes. It should also have a context. If it doesnt have any of these things is simply another collection of fuck comments. Am I the only person that gets bored with that and look for a good story? Even better when the story is real not a simple fantasy! So watch out for the next F and K episode and the next labwa one too when i get round to it.

Have been downloading some really nice tranny vids as I scribble in here. If you like good free porn go to richards realm dot com is a great site! Subscribe to the weekly newsletter and they send excellent mails once a week. Well worth it and is all free! A Scotsman's delight! What's better from my perspective is so long as I watch carefully the url data I can get into lots of sites without my isp knowing where I have been wooohooo! As ALL pron here is banned totally that is pretty damned important for me! I enjoy good porn sites. To me it is an enjoyable diversion. The one that is downloading now is a black transexual fucking a really cute girl in the arse mmmm Delightful! I do enjoy anal sex a LOT! This is particularly kinky so is well worth watching! yum yum
I transfer the mpegs to disc and can watch these on the new dvd player we just bought for our bedroom. Mrs and I enjoy watching these together. Turns us both on!

well am off to enjoy my new mpegs. no need to elaborate what cums next is there? hahahaha

Till next time SET

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