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I was in my bed room when someone noked on my door. I had only a bathrobe on I just got out of the shower. When I opend the door, there was a man and his wife. I asked can i help you. They said we just moved in the naberhood, and wanted to meet someone. I told them to cum in ill be back with some close on. when I trned around they were in my bed, He was licking on here pussy. I started to get wet from waching. Then see looked at me and asked if I would join. She ask if she could lick my pussy. I layed down next to her, her toung wet deep. I was moning it felt so good. She stoped, Iasked why did you stop? my husbend wants to fuck you. O.K. I said. Can I suck his dick first? NO. He is going to fuck you NOW.. My eyes got big. I cold do nothing but lay there. He says GET ON YOUR NEES NOW. I did as he said. He slamed his dick in my pussy. ooooo. That is good. They say, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHOUT. Yes. All I could do is obay. Harder and haredr his dick slides in and out. Then he tels me he is going to cum in his wifes pussy and you WILL lick it out. As im licking hies cum out he makes me move. I want to cum in you NOW. He starts to fuck me agin, Making my toung slid deper in her pussy. Im going to cum. GET UP HERE SLUT AND LICK THIS PUSSY CLEAN. His wife moves to my pussy. As she licks me clean, He get a strapon. PUT THIS ON NOW. I do as im told. NOW FUCK THAT SLUT. As i fuck her he starts to lick her pussy. She cums all over the dick. HE SAYS NOW SUCK THAE DICK CLEAN YOU SLUT. Now put it on. I WANT YOU TO FUCK HER. As her dick was slidding in me I cam agin and agin. STOP he says. I want that cum in my mouth, he starts sucking the dick clean, then lick my pussy clean. When he was done the got up and got dressed then left I did not even get a name, But it was the bes fuck i have ever had.

If you have any stories leave them for me.
Hope you enjoyed

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Well Sounds like you are a very horny women I like that. This is not a story this is real. Friday night I went out to the little water hole here in town. (Golconda is where I live) and since I was a bachelor rhis weekend I thought I 'd play some pool and have a few cold ones. Well my partner turned out to be a 57 yearold nympho. She played pool like shit but later!!!!! I asked here if she wanted to cum back with me once the bar closed and she said sure. I was thinking it might be fun because she was not bad looking for her age. Well we got home and started kissing which lead my hands to her tits which aroused her alot. The next thing I knew she was sucking my cock,and damm did it feel great. I had to have her stop and get her pants off quick because I knew there would be a wet pussy there and I was right. I got her to 69 and at her pussy and tongued and fingered her ass till she cam and i filled her mouth full of cum. We moved around and started kissing while we both played with each other thaen I got hard again, She jumped on me and rode me like a horse. She was screaming and moaning. It wa great I fucked her hard and long till i finally filled her old hole full of cum! She then sucked me to another hard on and I tossed her on her Knees and we fuck doggie for along time while I fingered her ass. Then I had a thought. I asked her If I could Fuck her ass. She said she had never done that before so I popped ot the anal ez and lube and gently slide my cock into her virgin ass. God Damm was it nice. I worked it in slow and then started to fuck her hiney harded and harded till finally my balls were slapping against her clit.She was going nuts at this point some pain she said and lots of pleasure. It took her 20 minutes or so so cum and she did real hard. I asked her to spread her ass so when i cam I could shoot my cum into her stretched out virgin ass and she did.When I pulled out her ass was wide open and I shot my cum all over her gaping asshole and as it dripped down on her pussy she fingered herself and licked my cum from from her fingers. I couldn't resist and ate her cum soaked ass and pussy till she cam again. the rest of the night we spent fucking,licking and cumming all over each other. It was a great night Never did an old gal like that but it was a blast. And I'd we will do it again. Now You Know how I am If you wanna get together Let me Know. I would love to eat your pussy and make you cum so much. I am d and D free jope to here from you soon.Denny what is your name I like to know who I am talking to

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