ht700672 107F
48 posts
8/4/2006 7:50 pm

Last Read:
6/8/2007 9:04 pm


I met 9 did 3.
One AdultFriendFinder Friend met 1 did 1
The rate will be 1/1 > 3/9.
But one advice from one AdultFriendFinder Friend that one good sex experience is better than 50 times bad ones.
How about ur opinion ?
May be it is necessary one QC here, haha !

maaambo69 38M

8/5/2006 9:24 am


I think it is more important the quality than the quantity, but if the quantity has quatily, then it is the best thing.

I imagine that like 1 good experience in a hand and 100 bad experience, but if from these 100 experience, all are good, then it is the best thing.

So quantity with quality is the best.

In the other hand, I don't like make stadistics with my dates, they all are different, all are people, and they are not numbers for me.


Alanjapan2 42M

8/8/2006 2:45 am

Hello, nice to meet you
I will come soon in TW so you will be able to have a very good one
you can contact me at alan01japan()yahoo.fr
take care, Alan

johnny5202004 43M
10 posts
8/10/2006 5:30 am

may I know u just try one on one sex, or other kind ?
Like group sex, 3some ~ or what else ?

coz me and my girl are thinking about try something new, and hope I can find the person here ^_^

snowdragon2006 42M

8/13/2006 8:21 pm

One great time = ten good times
one good time = a hundred bad times
one cup of great coffee = a hundred bad times

Yes, great coffee is better than bad sex.

I hope you have some great coffee, and great sex...

rm_Lifexpl 60M

8/14/2006 11:00 am

QA and QC are musts!
Go for quality and not volume, unless sampling...

azliquid 32M
96 posts
8/18/2006 2:48 am

its like outlet
u might fine one cheap stuff with good quality
keep on looking

kj185 43M

8/20/2006 10:24 am

talk to me, and you know i am ....^^

kj185 43M

8/20/2006 10:29 am

talk to me and you know who i am ...^^

see you on msn

Adrain70 39M
5 posts
8/23/2006 6:08 am

i think so
have fun is bettet than anythings

Blue_eyes_for_yo 43M

8/26/2006 7:49 pm

you need to sample properly and check down to the detail to be able to tell.

rm_cassy321 63M

8/28/2006 3:00 am

What a refreshing view from a Chinese.

aussieosaka2 43M

11/20/2006 3:55 pm

I have to say that first photo is beautiful !! a bad sex experinece is a bad sex experince...its embarrassing for the both of us....if you do it then do it good (like me)

teddybearlook41 53M

12/29/2006 12:20 pm

Baby with you all of them would be GREAT

raving4me 107F
105 posts
3/21/2007 3:17 am

rather go for quality than quantity.

tigerteazer4u 58M

5/27/2007 11:18 am

who can have so much bad sex? or in other words: how can one be so wrong so often, right?

Anyway, wish you all a nice time


rm_goldssob 47M
10 posts
6/7/2007 10:23 pm

the equation is different for men and women:

Men: 1000 bad experience = 1000 good experience

Women: 1 great experience > 100 good experience > 1000 bad experience

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