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They had driven from early morning and now, after a delicious picnic of cold chicken, fruit and cheese, sat quietly together, finishing the last glasses of Chablis.

The sun hung a little lower in the sky now but it was still quite hot. She was wearing a light, summer dress. Translucent, it bordered, teasingly on the transparent but the faded flower pattern across its surface broke up the line of her body beneath. She laid there, her arms up, hands behind her head, cradling the long hair lying about her face and shoulders.

He thought she looked wonderful and said so. She smiled and, shyly embarrassed, lifted herself on one elbow and gazed through the mist of pollen and fine summer dust, past him, to the hills on the other side of the valley. He noticed how the dress now sharply outlined the beautiful curve of her breast as the material was drawn taught by her raised shoulder. He longed to touch her. She saw him inspecting her out of the corner of her eye and her nipples
stiffened at the thought of what might happen. As he watched her, they made themselves more apparent against the thin material. She realized, and could only let it happen. To move and ease the dress away would only draw attention to the fact that she was aware of his gaze.
She looked up at him. He instantly dropped his gaze away from her body, hoping that she had read his look and his desire.

It was strange, he thought. They both knew that something would happen but in a way neither quite knew how it would begin. Neither wanted to appear crude or crass, lustful or over-eager. He smiled thinking of it as almost a return to our parents’ values and attitudes. Both of them desperately wanting the other but both, at the same time wanting to arrive at the point of contact by the correct route.
“What are you smiling at?” she asked “Oh nothing, just content.” he replied. “Hmm, don’t believe you for a minute! Nobody smiles like that simply out of contentment.” She giggled that little giggle that drives him wild. She paused. “Let me guess.” she said … “Guess what?” “Guess what you were smiling at.” Now he did grin. “Okay.” “You’re smiling...” she began in that throaty voice of hers “because you really want to lean over and kiss me but you’re really not sure whether you should or not.” She giggled again, half nervously, half embarrassed.
“But, at the same time, you’re hoping that I’m going to guess right so that, at least, that hurdle will then be out in the open!” She laughed prettily as she finished, falling back on the thick comfortable blanket, her hair falling in unruly waves about her face. She was glad she’d managed to say it without appearing to be too forward. She ached for him, for his touch but at the same time she didn’t want him to get the idea that she was tartly or loose. He looked down at her and his eyes ran slowly up and down her body, imagining how soft but how firm it was. He made no effort to disguise his look of admiration now. Rightly or wrongly he would be taking her oblique broaching of the subject as permission to explore the possibilities. He felt himself growing hard as he drank her in. Finally, his eyes returned to her face, and the laughter had soothed to a tentative, expectant smile which played at the
corners of her lips. He sensed that even now she wasn’t as self assured as she would have liked to appear but, to him, this made her all the sweeter and more desirable. Still holding her gaze he reached out his hand and laid it gently on her side, just below her left breast, his thumb coming to rest at the centre of her body. She lay very still, watching him, willing him to go on. The smile fading slightly as the inevitable came nearer. His eyes moved to watch his hand as if he too was curious what it might do next. He moved it fractionally upwards to touch the underside of her breast and slowly followed the material, experiencing the exquisite softness, as it curved up to peak at the now prominent mound of her hardening nipple.
Her eyes remained wide open and, looking directly into his, unwavering, willed him to continue; to accept the muted invitation of her stillness. Even in the afternoon heat, she could feel the warmth of him hand where it covered her. At the same time, he lowered his face to touch her lips lightly with his and, with their first contact, her eyes closed and her arms came up around his neck to pull him gently down onto her waiting body. Now his finger and thumb met at that magical point, surrounding and capturing the stiffness beneath the thin
gauze of the dress. She could feel the tiny, tingling signals radiating outwards from the
center of her breast like waves, joining those which now her lips and mouth enjoyed, rushing on down to settle with a warm glow of anticipation deep, deep inside her. Her mouth opened to invite His’s tongue to explore and hers brushed his, sliding over and round him, lapping the taste of him, drinking him, devouring him, wishing never to have to stop. Her hands ran through his hair, over his shoulders; cupping his neck, his chin, his face; feeling the need to touch as much of him as she could, wanting to test and search for those places he would best enjoy.

He was lost. The sweet flavor of her lips, the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin
were a drug of which he could not get enough. The color and texture of her skin, made more radiant by its slight exposure to the summer sun, glowed out as he ran his hands gently back and forth over her breasts and waist and neck.
“God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” he whispered. “I’ve wanted you, wanted your body, for such a very long time.”
“I know. I’ve felt the same way,” she giggled softly.
“and yet we’ve both been very cool and correct; not wanting to offend the
other’s sense of timing or occasion.”
“None of that matters any more; None of the waiting, none of the dreaming.” he
said “I have you here, now, that’s all that matters. That and moving towards
what we’ve each been dreaming of for so long.”
“I Love you” she said, her heart beating faster.
“And I, you.” he replied.
Their lips met again and as they did, slipping to one side, He allowed his hand to slip down over the delicate folds of the dress to its hem. Suddenly he was there as he felt the soft, firm smoothness of her thigh under his palm. His heart palpitated as his mind’s eye, spurred on but these sensations, pictured and anticipated all the things he had dreamed of.
He paused, hoping that She wouldn’t think he was taking things too fast, too much for granted. She sensed his hesitation and, in unspoken answer, her hand came down to cover his and gently press it onward and upward. The fingers of his hand glided up to meet the rounded contour of her hip while his thumb followed; tracing the inner surface of her thigh, ending at that tender point where belly and thigh meet. The texture was so soft so smooth and vulnerable that he moved himself back to gaze at her body, partially revealed by the movement of his caresses. She lay there passively for a moment and then, reaching down she grasped the
sash tie of the dress and freed the knot, letting the breeze brush the delicate material away from her body in its own time, confident that she need do nothing more, other than wait for the moment to complete itself. Her legs; golden in the sun, were slightly bent, the knees turned modestly inward, even now, still not yet willing to surrender all to his view. She wore a snowy white lace thong which molded the perfect curve between her legs and rose high on her hips, allowing his fingers to pass up as far as they did, unhindered. Slowly, he slipped his hand under the thin, pure white lace, feeling the ripple of the muscles as she tensed in expectation of what was now so near. His wrist was at the place where his fingers had been only seconds before as his hand traveled over her belly grazing the almost non existent down at the top of her smooth mound. “My God … You are so beautiful. You feel so soft, so perfect.” he said. The silk of her dress fluttered briefly in a fresh gust of warm breeze,
slipping it further from her body, revealing yet more to his hungry eyes. He looked up to see her breasts come free as she released them, pulling the garment from behind her back and laying it aside. Her arms came round and rested on the back of his head, gently pulling him down towards her body; wordlessly willing him to do with her as she wished, as she knew he would. Gently she pulled him further up, guiding his lips, her nipples already taut and expectant. She felt his warm breath brushing her skin as his face inched closer, passing over her curved torso, rising slightly to cover the glorious under slope of her breast and then he was there. He pause, oh, so briefly, hovering over the small, sacred altar before descending and enveloping the cherry red button with his lips. She felt his teeth hold the stiff morsel, steadying it as his tongue flickered back and forth across its top; swathing it in juices as he bathed it, stroking and sucking it to full maturity. She felt the exquisite tingling of the interconnected nerve endings sending erotic and sensual messages throughout her body; plunging, as they did, into her erogenous depths.

She started to twist and turn; groaning softly, at once trying to escape the exquisite onslaught but wanting him to devour her completely. Her hands left his head where she had been pressing him into her body and now reached for his clothing, tearing at his shirt and vainly reaching, searching, grasping down his back to find the release for the remainder or his clothes. But for now she was pinned to the ground as He suckled at her body, drinking
in what he had hungered for so long. His hands wandered. One had joined him at his drinking place, bathing itself in his saliva and then had moved to her other breast. Sliding the palm over the wondrous surface and, finding the other nipple equally aroused, he tweaked and pulled and gently twisted it; sending electric messages throughout her mind and body. His other hand had remained, waiting for the moment to continue; to turn the key which guarded the secrets of which he wished so much to learn. He now slipped his hand into the thin, lace side strap of her thong from above and, with one smooth motion, slid the garment down over her knees and away from her. He stopped and, raising his head from her breast, he looked into her yes. “Why? ..................what? she whispered. Then she felt his hand place itself exactly between her legs, pushing his middle finger gently down the natural groove, over the velvet soft, smooth, bare, and shaven mound, through and into the heated wetness of her outer lips. There he stopped, still looking into her eyes. Although she had known the moment was near, it still took her by surprise as the intimate contact between them increased and spread and deepened and she froze momentarily, then instantly jerked in pleasurable anticipation as her body realized that this was what it had been waiting for. She didn’t know whether to clamp her legs over his hand, trapping him, or to spread them as far apart as she could, inviting him to invade her further.
In that moment’s hesitation it was decided for her as This delicious man, smiling softly at her, lowered his head once more and kissed her breast; the nipple, the rounded curve of the globe, and then descending by stages over the surface of her belly, delving into her navel, tasting the minute droplets of salty perspiration which now gathered there. His hand started to move... Very slowly at first. His invading finger hardly displacing itself from its sweet wet bed but moving the surface of her outer lips just sufficiently to let Her know that he meant to give her pleasure and that now was the time of its starting. She was reminded, not for the first time that afternoon, how incredibly wet she had become as the gentle breeze cooled the surfaces, freshly exposed between her legs.

Shall I continue?

rm_NAZ_guy2 51M

8/14/2006 4:17 pm

A very lovely and exciting story. Thanks for sharing it. What a delicious thought to be the guy in the story with you. And yes, please continue.

derekorama 64M

5/19/2007 9:01 pm

wow. you are hot.

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