Seduction III  

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Seduction III

His constantly attentive lips made their way to the spot between her shoulder blades and she felt his tongue start its way down the center of her back as his cock slipped out from between her thighs. She felt a sense of disappointment at its departure but, as his tongue progressed lower on her body, she resigned herself to the enjoyment of new and different sensations.

His mouth had reached the small of her back and explored the gentle slopes and valleys formed by her hips and buttocks. She could feel his chest moving over her rear as he slowly edged his way lower and lower. His hands now found the outer edges of her breasts as his lips reached that magic place at the top of her buttocks; dipping his tongue between her cheeks above her most private opening and running a line upwards to her waist.

She shivered at the touch, wanting him to go further. Wondering if he would. Not daring to ask; to break the spell. Slowly she raised her top from the ground allowing his hands free access to her breasts at last. He greedily took advantage of the invitation and ran his palms over the nipples, feeling them grow stiff instantly. She was held in a static state of expectation. Would he go further or would he alter his direction. He took his hands from her breasts and she no longer had to wait as she felt his thumbs gentle part the cheeks of her ass. There was a slight pause and then it was there. She groaned loudly and inadvertently raised her hips from the ground pushing upwards as his tongue burrowed into the tiny opening.

"Oh God! What are you doing to me?!" she gasped. "No, don't......." but she made no moves to escape. It was all too, too good to stop now. His mouth licked and sucked at her ass, tentatively probing, wanting to be invited in; pushing itself further into the now almost accepting orifice.

Meanwhile his hands had moved, taking advantage of the space afforded by the upward thrust of her hips. He positioned both thumbs at the entrance to her vagina and, waiting only to ensure that she was close to the edge, thrust them both into the sopping hole as, at the same time, he plunged his tongue further into her ass. His thumbs reached high up inside her, contacting against the front side of her vagina straining to reach that magical place of hers, so rarely reached............

"Aaaaaagh!" she choked, "Oh! Don't stop! I'm going to cum!Oh God! Now, now!!"
Her body started to tremble and he thrust his hands in and out of her wetness, at the same time cushioning her hips from the ground, suspending her, as she shook herself through to the other side of her orgasm. All was quiet as she subsided, racked still with the occasional tremor. Slowly he withdrew his hands, licking them, tasting her, softly caressing the contours of her body; running his fingers over her back, soothing and smoothing her; quieting her, loving her, drinking her in and knowing he had given her something to remember for a while.
He smiled to himself, unseen. Oh how he loved her.

Slowly she turned her head, looking at him over her shoulder with a sheepish grin. His hands followed her down and, lying beside her, his head at the level of her hips, he once more bent and continued caressing her with his mouth and hands. This time he followed her leg, covering it in soft searching kisses, wrapping his hand, at the same time, over her upper thighs, running his fingers towards, but not touching the point at which her legs joined.. She felt
herself grow even wetter, moving, caused his fingers to touch her there as his hand stroked up her thigh.

She could feel her buttocks coated with her own juices as his fingers had passed lightly from front to back but now she felt his body press down on top of her, felt his cock slip through that small accommodating gap at the top of her thighs, below her buttocks, felt it find its own way to the opening of her vagina and without pause, thrust into her, pushing her soft, pulsing lips aside, entering her, passing on into her dark depths as if it would continue on forever.
She was racked a second time feeling it, again, take her by surprise. A gentler orgasm this time but no less pleasurable for that. It spread like slow wildfire throughout her body, touching everything from her toes to the nape of her neck with tingling sensation. They lay there panting, she from her orgasm, he from his exertion. Then, passing his forearm between her hips and the blanket, he lifted her now, without withdrawing. Now she knelt on all fours. His cock felt enormous inside her and she could feel him pulse as the new sensation affected them both. He held her still, knowing that if he moved now he would come and that he didn't want. Not yet. Not for a long time yet. She felt his hands come round her sides, following the contours of her body, passing over her ribs and reaching the undersides of her breasts before cupping them each in his palms and lightly allowing the nipples to graze the surface of his hands; He felt them stiffening more and stumble over the creases in his palms, encouraged to an even higher state of awareness and erotic response.

She hung her head down, watching his hands on her body. Feeling the birth of movement as she sensed his cock begin to withdraw and start to push back in again.
Without turning round she said,
"No. Not yet! ...... Lie down,.......................I want to fuck you."
The movement stopped. She now turned her head back towards him, smiled and repeated softy but with a determined tone in her voice, "I said, Lie down, I'm going to fuck your brains out!"
There was already a big grin on his face as their eyes met. "Okay I suppose I have been rather monopolizing the initiative!" and with that he placed one hand on the ground and rolled onto his back beside her.
She turned, looking lovingly at her man and ran her hand down from his shoulder, slowly over his chest to his groin, letting it rest just above his still stiff and throbbing member. She could feel with the outer heel of her hand, her own wetness coating its surface, trickling slowly down its length to pool in the warmth of his crotch. She heard him groan and took this as a cue to bend forward and take him deep into the back of her mouth, thrusting the head to the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, pushing too far at first but then slowly, straightening her neck and allowing her throat muscles to relax, felt the perverse need to push him further and further down into her body; fucking her face with his cock until she felt the gratifying sensation of the head slipping through into her throat.

At first she had difficulty breathing but eventually she regulated it with the in and out passage of his cock. She didn't know why but she felt a feeling of extreme eroticism in the knowledge that he was so deep inside her.
Now he was beginning to thresh back and forth in a maze of all but uncontrollable ecstasy. Sensing his readiness, she grasped him hard at the base of his cock, momentarily cutting the intensity of the sensations but holding the engorged member stiff and ready. Maintaining her grip, she straddled him and plunged her self down over his cock, flattening herself against his groin, mashing her pussy lips hard against the bone of his pelvis and grinding her clitoris into the soft cushion above his cock, smearing it back and forth, wedging herself, cementing herself to him never wanting to leave.

"Aaaah!" she heard him gasp out loud with the suddenness of her action. As she descended she released her hold on him and gripped him hard with her vagina.


She knew if she moved at all, it would be done. He would erupt; boiling out over the insides of her body, scalding her with his hot cum, bathing her in what she wanted; that cooling, white heat that she had dreamed of for so long........... but, she thought, not just yet.

She sat there, impaled, eyes closed, concentrating on all the tactility gifted to her from within her own body, imagining in her mind the picture, inside, of her lover's cock lodged tight, wedged against the walls of her pulsing pussy; It was time, she thought with a smile.
She continued raising her body off his hips; her eyes closed still relishing every sensation that was there for her. She could feel her inner lips brush over the flare of the head, sucking on it as it slowly passed through.............
There she stopped. She could feel him tense, expecting the sudden rush downward. But no, she had other things in mind. He looked into her eyes. "I love you, my darling." the whisper came. She smiled her love back to him but said nothing and returned her attention to the
point where they both joined. She hovered, clasping the rim of his head, squeezing it, rubbing it, sucking it; relishing the control which allowed her to tense and shrink her pussy so exquisitely. Now watching and gaining great pleasure as she saw the resultant reactions on his face as he grimaced, frowned and strained; fighting with but, at the same time, inviting the unbearable delight. Now, closing her eyes once more, she started downward again. Feeling him grow inside her as she consumed each passing inch of him.

She tensed and shrunk herself, drawing the walls of her pussy inwards to crush and suck on him as she had always imagined she would. She heard him groaning once more as she hit home. A smile prayed across her lips. His cock still dug deeper as slowly she reach the base and ground herself down onto him flattening her clitoris into the mat of his pubic hair. Now she moved back and forth, pleasuring herself, knowing that at this point, his pleasure was being fulfilled. Side to side she turned and swung. The movement minimal but enough to make her feel his cock being moved on its root and causing it to swing widely, beating the inner walls within her at its head, buried deep inside.

Her clitoris swelled even more now with the additional stimulation, stiffening against the onslaught of the top edge of his shaft as she sloped her hips and buttocks upwards and backwards, brushing her stomach against his and pushing her clitoris along the topside of his cock. Up and down its length. She had been through many orgasms since they had started making love today. Now she felt it. An irrevocable bubbling of her entire being as bit by bit she increased the speed of her movement. Now she found the perfect position. Sliding up and down his length and scoring hard against her clit at the same time, she could no longer contain herself with the subtleties of her moves. She began to pump herself up and down his length, mashing herself painfully down onto his hips desperate to get more and more of him inside her body, grasped by her, never to be released.

She felt his hands now gripping her hips, clawing her downwards with every descending stroke, gouging her flesh in his effort to fulfill her wishes and bury himself forever in her depths. Through a mist of remaining senses she could hear his cries as he reached for the ultimate completion and she too was only dimly aware of her voice repeating the words, "Fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!...... It could not last long. Both of them raced towards a bright and blinding light of completeness, mixing and blending… Finally, they both erupted spewing, melding together the creamy fluids from both of their bodies. Trembling under the weight of the convulsive motions they both endured as they spent themselves against and into one another.

At last their bodies allowed them to subside, she on top of him, covering him with her softness. It was almost dark but the warm summer night held no discomfort for either.
He reached out and gathered an edge of the blanket, drawing it over himself
and his beautiful woman and gently rolled them over so that they lay side by side. With a single final kiss, they slept.

Mmmmmmm.... Delicious!

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8/31/2006 4:50 pm

nice i realy like that

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:16 am:
Thank you sugar..

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8/31/2006 9:00 pm

Awwww my dearest lady...hehe. Hey its Eric. What a great writer you are hun. I hope all is well. KISSES.

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/1/2006 4:08 am:
aaaawww... thank ya babes Hey.. how can I go perv on you without your profile?? Pooh! Hope you're doing great hunnie... Kisses, Lil Ol Me

rm_parttime29 65M
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9/1/2006 7:57 am

Great Story, sounds like it may be true?

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:15 am:
Smiles... well let's get busy babes..

azheat12 60M

9/1/2006 8:07 am that was some great reading, i was thinking that was me & are the best.keep UP the good work....

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:09 am:
Hi ya sugar... I'm the best with you How are ya hunnie?? You're looking yummy, as always Kissssssssses Babes!

spencer123456 61M

9/1/2006 8:35 am

Great story. I only wish I was there inside you, or as you point out surrounded by you.

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:10 am:
Just where I would love to be Thank you for being so sweet and leaving a comment on my noti lil story. Kissssssses

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I have to say, thanks for not posting theses very hot intermission of lust evervyday, would be needing a blood tranfusion to make my brain function. Thankyou very much have a great weekend Dandy & Snatch

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:11 am:
Mmmmm.... so happy I've made you a lil hornier Kiss that lil lady of yours and cum again very soon!

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9/5/2006 6:26 am

MMMMMM!!! ... luv to hear about wakin' up with me inside you ... feelin' me grow ...

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/6/2006 5:12 am:
I can't think of anything hotter! Wow... you've brought new ideas to mind for my next lil story Kissssssssses

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I stumbled across your blog entries a couple of days ago and I'm still stumbling...well I'm walking funny's about the tent in the front of my Jeans
I just had to come back to read your stories again and leave a comment for you...once I started reading I couldn't quit till I'd read them're a very talented writer...the images you paint with your words are amazing and the visuals are so's as if I'm standing in the background watching...I'm very impressed and I hope you post more of your stories've got yourself a fan...I could have used a fan to cool myself as I was reading

YodelDealsSewed replies on 9/11/2006 5:05 am:
Mmmmmm.... delightful thoughts here hunnie

robbie_51 66M
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9/11/2006 3:14 pm

I hope they're as delightful as my thoughts?


9/24/2008 2:17 am

hummmmmmmmmmmm superbe photo !!!

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2/15/2009 7:32 am

Heck of a great read!

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7/10/2010 10:58 am

Great writitng.

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