Night Club Anyone?  

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Night Club Anyone?

You take me by the hand and lead me to the dance floor, a slow dance. I'm so taken by you I don't even hear the song. You pull me closer, our eyes connect as you look into my captivating eyes. There is only you and I at this moment, and the other bodies moving slowly on the dance floor with us do not exist. Liking the warmth of your body, I pull myself closer to you. Your hips press closer, beginning to grind into mine, and your kisses lightly fall on my face. Your hands slide slowly down my back, and I instinctively push my whole body into you. We continue dancing slowly, hips grinding together, our kisses light and gentle. Your hands roam further down my back, sliding over my ass. My nipples are tingling just being so close to you. I look into your eyes as I begin to tease your lips with my tongue.
Your hands reach down to the hem of my skirt, and you tug it just a little higher. I probe a little deeper with my tongue, kissing you wetly, passionately. Your hand slides under the back of my skirt and you begin caressing my bare thighs; there is that familiar awakening between my legs. Your hand slides between my legs, reaching higher up my thighs and you feel the early juices just beginning to flow down my legs. Instinctively I spread my legs slightly for you, wanting you to feel my wetness. Reaching, your fingers rest on my hot lips briefly before you begin probing me. I feel your hardness against me, your fingers brushing along my lips and along my ass. You have me so hot now, the aching is intensifying, and suddenly you slide a finger into me. Under my skirt, another finger slides inside me. You are trying so hard to be discrete but not really caring who sees. So many bodies moving with us.
Our eyes lock as your fingers twist and turn inside me, I grind into you and reach down to feel your hardness. Pressing my hand firmly onto you, massaging you, we continue dancing with the music, your fingers inside me. Looking at me, you growl, I want to fuck you here and now. Your fingers are moving faster than we are dancing, and I feel an orgasm beginning to rise in me, my pussy clenching your fingers. You watch my eyes glaze over while we dance and you continue finger fucking me, in...and out. Still trying to be discrete, you notice that a couple other dancers see the back of my skirt bunched up at my hips, your fingers fucking me. I am oblivious to them, only knowing that I want you and I want you now. As your fingers continue sliding in and out of my pussy, I am overcome by an orgasm... Other dancers stop and stare for a moment but we don't care. God, I need your cock! Grabbing your hand, I pull it up to my mouth, licking your fingers.
Pulling my skirt down to cover my exposed ass, you take me by the hand and guide me to a dark corner of the bar where we find an available booth. Sliding into the booth I tell you that I want you to taste my pussy.. I want to feel your tongue. I want you to make me so hot that it sends me into a frenzy. Grinning at me, you tell me you're ready. Crawl under the table, baby, I'll hike my skirt up for you. As you crawl under the table, I scoot to the edge of the seat and hike my skirt up for you. I feel your mouth nibbling its way up my inner thighs and I find myself squirming in anticipation. Spreading my legs wider, I begin stroking myself and notice how wet I am... and I wait for you to begin licking me. As your lips move slowly higher, you can smell my sweet aroma and I insert two fingers inside me. Reaching my pussy, you see my fingers fucking me and you kneel in front of me and lick around them, tasting me. First you push on my hand to drive my fingers farther inside while you lick my clit. You also lick my fingers as they dart in and out of my pussy. Looking around to see if the waiter is near, you pull my hand out and lick my wet fingers and slam your own back inside of me. Ramming me again and again, you watch as my hips thrash around.
Climb back up here with me. Breathing heavily, you join me back on the bench. Reaching over, I undo your jeans, wanting to feel your manhood in my hands. Freeing you, I begin stroking you and like the way you feel... and it's my turn to slide under the table. Not wanting to waste any precum, I slowly lick it off. I can hear you groaning that you want to fuck me, but not yet. I have to taste your cock some more, I want to feel it in my mouth, I want you to enjoy the way it feels, the warm wetness of my tongue stroking you, licking you, sucking you. Mouthing and nibbling your cock wildly. It makes me so wet to suck you, and turns me on knowing that you like it, that it feels good to you. Not able to resist your stiffness any longer, I climb up from under the table. I've got to free your cock a little more, I want to straddle you. You invite me to sit on you and hike my skirt up for me. As I straddle you, you grab my hips and ease me down onto you. Not caring who sees, I take all of you into me, squeezing your cock with my tight wet pussy.
I finger myself as I ride up and down on your cock. Reaching up you grab my tits, pinching them, and pull my blouse out of my skirt and push it up over my tits, exposing my black bra. You free my tits from their confines and start flicking my nipples with your tongue, making me hotter. Suddenly you stop but I am still riding you until you tug hard on my arm, forcing me to stop. Looking at you, I see you looking away from the table and I follow your gaze. The waiter is standing there, staring at us. Staring back at him, we notice there are no other customers in our immediate area. He brings a finger to his lips, indicating we need to be quiet and he walks off. I climb off of you and out of the booth. Reaching for you, I grab your hand and bring you up to meet me. Holding you close, I look up at you and kiss you deeply. I run my hands over your shoulders, down your chest, feeling every inch of you. Your hands are on my ass again and you turn me around, my back to you.
My hands reach out behind me, pulling you closer into me. I want to feel your cock pressing against my ass. You place your hands on my shoulders, brushing my hair to the side, and softly kiss my neck, whisper in my ear, Tell me how bad you want it. I want you bad, lover. You move your hands down from my shoulders, torturing me by just feeling the roundness of my tits, not touching my nipples. Ohh it feels so good! You get firmer with my tits, massaging them, and moving your hands downward to my wet aching pussy, your cock against my ass. You move your hands around to my back again and gently push me down to lay me over the table. Pulling my skirt over my hips, you lean into me... I feel your cock rubbing against me... you feel so good, so hard. You spread my legs for you, rubbing your cock against my pussy. I'm so wet for you, I want to fuck you. Sensing my need, you thrust your cock into me in one fast motion. The intensity increases, the passion mounts, and you slam into me again and again and again. Reaching around, you grab my nipples and begin tweaking them, while I slip my fingers down to my pussy and stroke myself. God, I want you to cum inside me, with me, while you furiously fuck me. And just as fast as I feel my own orgasm building again, I feel you swell suddenly inside me and you pull out, shooting your hot cum all over my ass, squeezing every last drop out of your cock. My own orgasm rips through me as you rub your cum on my ass.
Regaining composure and putting clothes back in place, you motion for the waiter, who winks at us as he takes our drink order.

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3/12/2006 2:35 pm

My comment is on all the stories here actually... HOLY SHIT! I never knew these existed and I am sure glad I came here to read. I told Bruce he needs to take the time to read them too... YOU are WAY talented.... Just lookin' at you is HOT and THEN ya write these hot stories too? (And get my man all worked up in public at a meet & greet and give us LOTS of "food for thought" lol)
We think you 2 are the greatest. Thank you for sharing these, your pictures and your friendship.
Maggie ( & Bruce )

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